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Sunday Stitch School – Vault stitch

I thought using Aida for this stitch would be quick and easy but care had to be taken to make sure the right holes were used.  Wrong holes meant lots of undoing. :-((

I see that I managed to mis-hit some holes and the alignment of central stitches is not-quite-right .  Thankfully there are no Stitch Police at this school.

The original lesson can be found queeniepatch.blogspot  here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | May 28, 2017

Sunday Stitch School -catch up, M to U

Problems with camera and computer had halted my posting examples for the teacher.  I had been obedient and did my homework though.

Here are my catch-ups  for the classes.

Mount Mellick stitch top row ..a bit blurry alas
and Norwich Stitch below.  I liked this stitch.


Open Chain top row and  Puncetto stitch below. I need more practise on the Puncetto.
This cute stitch is just a ‘Q’ shape.  it is a loosely laid Chain with the tail set to one side.   Looks good, is easy to do and has a lot of potential.

Rococo follows in lime green

Whipped Satin stitch.   A bit tricky to keep even.

Tete de Boeuf which has several is Bull’s head and each name seems to be a little different.

and lastly, Upright Cross.  I can’t recall using this stitch in an upright position..generally is is on an angle.


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A year of stitches

I’m now on my 4th hoop of stitches and a bonus for me is that I am using a UFO from years ago.  I must have had my DDs help to paint cloth and stitched a door and that’s as far as I got with the project.

So far I’ve made some flowers for the garden.

Daisies… Detached Chain stitches








Roses and a shrub.  not sure if flowers will be added or not.  Hand dyed variegated threads.
Colonial knots and Fly stitch







Iris and Woven Wheel flowers made with Edmar boucle and silk ribbon.  The Running stitched pavers were made with DMC.





Top left wall.  The yellow flowers were stitched when the door was worked on but I’ve forgotten what I was intending to do with them.  something will come to mind. The other French Knots will be wisteria.



Hydrangea in Colonial knots and leaves DMC Buttonhole

The gate.  I added the handle, loose French Knots on the border, Japanese stitch silk ribbon for tulips and the larger flowers are loosely made Oyster stitches.





and finally I used some mohair wool lace for the crown of the tree.  I had 3 yards of this fabric given to me over 40 years ago and it was passed back and forth between the family as no one knew what to do with it.  Finally it was used in modern craftwork and CQ.  Only scraps left now.

The stitch for the tree is Couching.

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A Sketch a day – Days 102-104

Day 102. I found a picture and used only the peacock.  I used the micron .03 pen.  It’s quite relaxing to draw the lines of a project.






Day 103.  Just couldn’t refuse to have a go at this scene from Alice in Wonderland.  I added some white acrylic gouache to the roses.  Fun to do.




Day 104.  Portrait of a Youth from the Betty Edwards book of Drawing with the right side of the brain.

I thought it was a woman.  2B pencil again.


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A Sketch a day- Days 99 –

Day 99.  Today’s post covers 4 sketch days and all quickies as I’ve been busy stitching.   Not a good thing to do too much at one time, as something always suffers.

Quirky flowers 1.   Doodles really, where I could practise with the Faber-Castells.



Day 99b.   More of the same.








Day 100.  my Rogues gallery.  Definitely much more practise needed.  2B pencil work.








Day 101.  No comment other than the Question mark replaced a woeful sketch.

Tomorrow’s catch-up lot are better than these.




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A Sketch a day = Days 94-98

Day 94.  Blue wrens.  I wasn’t sure I liked the first bird, so did a second one…and then preferred the first. LOL all good exercise for me.  Caran d’ Ache Aquerelle water colour pencils.






Day 95. Delores Stewart ..from the book by Betty Edwards-Drawing with the right side of the brain.

I used a 2B pencil for the exercise.






Day 96. I loved these geese when I saw them in the ‘Watercolour for Absolute Beginners’ book and just had to try them.  The Aquarelles were again used.





Day 97. Weird light again today.  I did use white paper.

The writing below was an upside down exercise.  I accidentally had my sketch book upside down  when I wrote this way but turned it the right way up for the lavender.





This is what I read from  and agree it was difficult.


Day 98.  another simple drawing and quick to paint with the Aquarelles.

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A Sketch a day. Days 87-93

Day 87.  2B pencil sketch.








Day 88. A friend allowed me to try to sketch her photo of the bridge.  The original is here
Thanks, Jules.

Not the same as the original LOL, but I’m happy with my effort.  I used the Aquarelle pencils.  I will have to find time to learn how to mix colours properly.  The green is a bit wild.


Day 89.  Again I’ve used Faber-Castell colour pencils.,,…
reminder to self..  practise drawing faces;        also hands and feet….








Day 90.  A quick pencil sketch today.






Day 91.  Red Cardinals..I didn’t know there were so many shades of red for this bird.  I always think of intense RED but these were about this shading.  Aquarelle pencils again.






Day 92.  I liked doing this one.  So long as I took care with the angles, it was easy.

I used the Micron .03 pen.

Not too many more catch-up drawings left now.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | May 13, 2017

A Sketch a day – Days 82-86

Day 82.Not all days are good!  2 miserable chooks.  Faber Castell watercolour pencils.







Day 83. Bargain day – and a good day it was.  I searched for an outfit for a wedding and bought more than I meant to.

This was just part of what I arrived home with.  I mislaid the other sale tags.  My wardrobe is looking much better now.



Day 84.  I enjoyed using the Micron .03 pen for these ladies.  I found it relaxing to draw lines.

The sketch is copied from a Dover freebie.







Day 85.  Another from Dover of a Geisha walking in the wind.  Got some movement there.

Pen work again.







Day 86.  My favourite of the three. I had some tips to get the mirror stand right, the rest was a breeze to do.  I like oriental things.

The last two sketches look very faded here – they are not in my book.






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A Sketch a day- Days 77-81

Day 77. A quick sketch today using a 2B black pencil.








Day 78  – Hare.  about 10″ x 6″ and also drawn with the 2B pencil.








Day 79 -Nasturtiums for a bit of colour.  Caran d’ Ache  Museum Aquarelle watercolour pencils were used.







Day 80.  Apple blossom.

Aquarelle  pencils on watercolour paper, which has a textured background .  The darkness, of course, is due to my poor photography.




Day 81.  Fun day with shoes from a magazine.  Faber Castell watercolour paints.  the yellow fancy shoe has dots of white gouache as well.  I can’t imagine wearing them.

I got the pink shoe wrong with the far side.  I didn’t notice the too-high part until it was painted.





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A Year of stitches – 3rd Hoop

I have used stitches from TAST on an 11″ x 9″ sketch of Ma and Joey Kangaroo from Australia.
I found Louise Elliott’s freebie here

Several years ago I began using TAST stitches on it but the work became a UFO, until recently when I completed it.

The stitches on the turtle are green and blue outlines of Stem stitch, Couched orange thread, Wheatsheaf stitch, Cretan and at the base, a Woven heart.
There are Cross stitches around the outside.

Above the turtle are
a fish – made with Herringbone, Running stitch, Colonial knot eye,Detached Buttonhole bar, Spine -Whipped Fly stitch.
a crocodile – Whipped Chain, French Knot eyes, Straight stitches, 2 opposing Buttonhole rows, Fly stitches in 2 colours which are then Whipped.  Fly and Straight sts for the legs.
Ma’s spine  -was Straight stitched in V shapes
Ear – Up and Down Buttonhole and Cross stitch built up a bit.

All outlines were Whipped Chain
The Cockies were Long and Short stitched with Basque wing feathers and Detached Chain crests.


Ma’s arms were filled with Van Dyke stitch and her eye black Chain, Satin and Buttonhole
Joey’s head was just Straight stitched in different patterns
The pouch he’s in has Buttonhole, Fly, Back Stitch and Couching.
The tree leaves are Detached Chain with French Knot ends.  The trunk is Chain stitched.



Ma’s foot- uhm- that was in the original stitching but looks like several rows of Running stitch done in a twist-less thread.

The Lyrebird tail is made with Feather, Back to back Buttonhole and Stem stitches.
The body- Long and Short stitch head,
Wing- burgundy Chain and the tail end is Detached Buttonhole bars.
It’s anyone’s guess how the breast is made.  😦  The bird was embroidered some years back.
Chain stitch legs.

The bunnies were Long/short stitched and the tail Ghiordes or Turkey knot.
Buttonhole wheels  flowers and Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole grass




The Grass tree is very simple. Straight stitches, Couched for both trunk and foliage.

Ma’s tail – mainly Straight stitches,  French Knots, Satin stitch,Detached Buttonhole Bars and Fly stitch.
Stems – long Stem stitch and French Knots.
Fly stitches.
Fern – Detached Buttonhole Bars with Whipped Stem stitch veins.

The large red flower is my version of Sturt’s Desert Pea – a better example is here
Cacti – Couched Herringbone inside Whipped Stem stitch.  Detached Chain flowers.


and the finished embroidery.  There are another 11 animals that I could use for more embroidery.  Very tempting.  My thanks go to Louise Elliott for sharing her work.

Most, if not all stitches can be found in the Pintangle stitch Dictionary.

If you’ve not heard about Take A Stitch Tuesday  it can be found at the first link in my post.
It is free to all , beginners or advanced stitchers alike- no stress involved.

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