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Sunday Stitch School No. 157 Invented stitch – (cross)

I completed my homework with ease.

My apology for this post.
I had to make a correction for my stitch.

The stitch is an Invented -Cross -stitch I confused them when posting earlier.
Over on Queenie’s blog you can read about the reason the original stitch has become 3 variations.

For the top row, I used a variegated fine wool on Aida cloth. For the other two I worked on a sampler. I used a fine cord for the top row and two colours of perle 8 for the last row. The lesson for this first stitch is here -No.157

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 15, 2021

Sunday Stitch School – very late to School this time.

The first line stitch is No. 154 Plucked Knot. A Tiny wrapped knot like a small bullion.

No. 155 Up and Down Split stitch. It’s a lovely, easy stitch to make. I used Perle thread for the pink ones and two crochet threads for the centre one. It was quite easy to do this one.

No. 156 Hyacinth stitch (I’m at last up to date) . Gosh, that’s a big photo. I added the Hyacinth stitch to a Bengali Petal flower. I used a vari-coloured 3 strand thread for the flowers and a green perle 8 for the stems.

I also used a 1/8th inch satin ribbon for the Bengali stem. Surprisingly it worked easily.

All these stitches can be found in Queenie’s Stitch School. It appears there are no enlargements of photos but if you wish you can use your keyboard and choose ‘Ctl and Plus’ keys to enlarge to your desire and when done you can reverse the keys with’Ctl and the – ‘ sign

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | December 2, 2020

Sunday Stitch School

No. 154 Plucked Knot stitch

This tiny stitch is easy and hard to stop at a few. I used perle 8 thread on Aida. The stitch looks like a bullion but made differently.

This isn’t art but it surely was addictive. For the tree trunk, I used fawn perle 8 thread and two strands of multicolour fine thread.

The stitch was No. 153 Alternating Chained Buttonhole.

The top section has the same floral branches and the smaller brown.. branches? are this weeks stitch, Plucked Knot stitch.

I had a ball playing with these stitches. Thank you for finding these treasures, Queenie.

The stitches can be found here on Queenie’s Blog

I have found for closer viewing, you can use the Ctl and Plus sign to enlarge and the Ctl and minus sign to take you back to the normal size.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | December 1, 2020

Beautiful boots/booties

I found this link for different sized children’s booties, which could also be made for some dolls. They are gorgeous!

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | December 1, 2020

Sunday Stitch School

a revised post as I forgot which stitch is which.

No. 151 Bengali stitch
I had forgotten to add the full flower

No. 152 Chain of heart stitch
I used a silky woven thread for this.  I found the stitch easy to do.

The second sample is on Aida using perle 8 thread

No. 153  Alternating Chained Buttonhole

This was addictive once I did a few stitches. Perle 8 thread on Aida.

As I mentioned in my messy post from yesterday, I decided to play with the stitch for the tree but I’ve added more and hope to finish it today.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 9, 2020

Sunday Stitch School

Bengali Petal stitch No. 151

This is a pretty stitch, similar to Rose Leaf which we did some time back. This time I remembered to hold the threads Firmly when wrapping them over the ice-cream stick. I also changed from a larger hoop to a 4 1/4″ size.
This gave me the ability to hold the stick and thread more firmly. Here’s the result.
Worked on Aida, I used 2 strands of perle thread in lilac and green and the isolated one has a double thick stem – I prefer the single ones.

The half flower is stitched with 3 strands of DMC and though I like it, I need to place the petals further apart. I’ll try again.

The Sunday Stitch School is closed for a week but you can find the How-To for the Bengali Petal stitch here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 1, 2020

Sunday Stitch School sampler

Thank you SMW166

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 31, 2020

Sunday Stitch School sampler

Just a quick post this time.
Here is the full photo of the random stitches.
It’s time now for me to work in the garden.
Enjoy your day!

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 31, 2020

Sunday Stitch School- random stitches

The white pom pom type flowers were made with Sydd Toffs stitch.
The trunk with Sham Hem stitch
Chopstick stitch for the pink stitches
Chinese Knot stitch = red dots.
Chained Sheaf stitch = blue butterfly

Detached Twisted chain=(Fish)
Half-Bullioned Chain=(wall)
Colonial Knots front = (wall)
Star Darn=Flowers = (wall)
Fly st =(flower stems)
French Knotted Chain= green, left side
Alternating Magic Chain = 2 x pink threads

Yesterday the Post worked so well and today it does not. I had to copy/paste the photo to have it sit closer to the text and am left with the small one I can’t align or remove.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 30, 2020

The left side of the work stitches

The Bird’s lower outline is ‘surprise, surprise’ done with Outline stitch The stomach is Fly stitch The eye is made with Carina’s Knot and a white ‘Q’ stitch
Head and breast РCross stitch Wing РAnundsjö stitch
Beak- 3 Chain stitches Legs- Bullion stitch
Bird stands on Triple Palestrina stitch
Sheaf stitch– 3 yellow
Russian Chain is a pattern of three chains and stem
Pointe Russe consists of 5 slanting straight stitches…and below is resting on Magic Chain and ‘Q” stitch
Whipped Running stitch for the bird’s tail
Lastly is a longer line of Magic Chain (blue/green) and Magic Split stitch (purple/yellow)
Ahhhh! I forgot the plant in front of the bird.
The stem is Thorn stitch..the flowers Woven Longtail Chain stitches

Each of these stitches are simple to do and lessons can be found on Queenie’s blog
I have just one more side to post ..maybe tomorrow.
I am not sure if the picture can be enlarged once published but I used my Ctl button and the + sign to do that.

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