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More Twisted Fly

I can imagine many ways to use the Twisted Fly stitch.

On the left side, I made a Woven Rose and French Knots with coral crochet thread- for the Twisted Fly stitch stem, I used a 4mm silk ribbon and overlaid it with another TFly of 2 strands DMC thread.

Next is some Wheat.  Pink crochet thread and pearl beads.  I placed 2 beads on the working thread and separated them as I stitched the TFly in the normal manner.
The 3rd sample is just pairs of Buttonholes with the long legged Twisted Fly…(sometimes I have made buttonhole sides exposing a short piece of narrow silk ribbon.)

The 4th lavender.  2mm or 4mm silk ribbon can be used -with the TF added as I went lower. I made the last 3 stems longer.

Bottom left is my favourite, as I can see this design as a one direction row, Alternating, in a square, back to back or facing.  It would work as the intersection of a formal garden path.  and of course flowers could be added.

The last versions were experiments too.  The diamond ones are not lined up very well.
What I did find was I should have made the twisted part longer to plump the stitch up.  Mine are tiny and look tight in most.  I’ve made a note to myself for future use.

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Sunday Stitch School – a little more

No 71. Twisted Fly stitch. More experimenting. Easy to do. Fun!

I used the one stitch for this underwater scene.
Some stitches have alternating tails. Threads used were green crochet and variegated Cottage Garden Threads.

Queenie’s Sunday Stitch School link to learn this stitch is here


Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 21, 2018

Sunday Stitch School- No 71. Twisted Fly stitch

This week’s stitch is easy.  Just a Fly stitch with a twist.
Worked on Aida cloth.  I used a medium thickness cotton crochet thread.

The second sample is on a crazy patch of Broderie Anglaise.
I used a heavy Brazilian thread. I’m fairly sure it is Lola.  I had a bag of left overs to use up and they were nameless.  Should I add beads to the flower centers?

Queenie’s Sunday Stitch School lesson for this week can be found here

and for all the lessons, use this link
The photos enlarge if they are clicked on.
I enjoyed the Twisted version of Fly stitch and will play a bit more tomorrow.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 3, 2018

Sunday Stitch School catch-up

No 61. Raised Fishbone stitch.  I wasn’t happy with the photo of this stitch so I’m posting a clearer one.





No. 66 Berwick stitch and No 67 Fishbone stitch (which is different to the Raised version of the leaf).

I enjoyed both stitches.




No 68.Scottish Cretan.  I like this stitch as a linear one but think it would also make a circle as well.  I added an extra wrap.



No 69. Point Russe stitch
I added the stitch around a buttonholed shisha. My version is not as rounded at the points.  I’ll try again.









No. 70 Puffy Couching stitch.  I see many uses for this stitch, which as seen, is very easy to create.  A nice filling stitch too.

The last stitch can be found here

Queenie has the entire 70 stitch lessons here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | June 19, 2018

Sunday Stitch School No 65. Rosette stitch Rose

Rosette stitch Rose is another simple stitch.  I’ve used yellow perle 8 thread on Aida



this time I worked the stitch on a CQ block and added some Fly stitching with blue wool  and green/blue twisted cotton.

This stitch can be found here


Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | June 14, 2018

Sunday Stitch School Nos. 61-64

No. 61. Raised Fishbone stitch -Though I attempted the Raised Fishbone stitch  many times I could not work it on Aida, so did a sample on plain cloth.









No 62. Pearl stitch- quick and easy and has a nice appearance.

Perle thread on Aida



No 63. French Knotted stitch – I made a sample on Aida first and it too was easy and neat.

No 64. Madame Totsuka’s Tasselled Chain stitch – A delight to make and see on both Aida and fabric.  Again perle thread on Aida.





I also stitched some on a CQ block that had never been embroidered. From top are Raised Fishbone stitch, below- Pearl stitch, French Knotted stitch. . to the left is Petal stitch which I did on opposite sides of the line and lastly, Madame Totsuka’s Tasselled Chain stitch.

Each was easy to do on cloth.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | May 13, 2018

Petal stitch experiment

Having done Queenie’s Petal stitch I decided to play with the stitch and came up with what looks like an Alternating Up and Down version.  I worked from left to right.  Again, it was easy to do.  I only had to remember if the petal was at the bottom, the next linear stitch began below the last and if the petal was above, the next linear stitch was above.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | May 10, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – no. 60 Petal stitch

Petal stitch is a very easy and quick stitch.  As usual I use Perle 8 thread on Aida for the Sunday Stitch Schoolwork.

I curved the stitch in the next photo..really easy again, so I worked a back to back row traveling in the opposite direction.  This was even faster as I had the previous petals to align with.  This will make great fern leaves.  The flower centres are very small and a bit untidy.  I used fabric for this one.  Queenie’s   lesson can be found here

Deepa also has a version here 

which is worked on cloth not Aida.





Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | May 1, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – Nos.57,58,59

No 57. Figure 8 Knot. The white thread of my previous try for this stitch was a bit loose as it moved if touched, so I tried again with various threads.

The red was done with Edmar Brazilian ‘Frost’
The blue- Perle 8
Yellow – 6 DMC threads
Grey – crochet thread
Gold-  I think it may be knitted.  I know it unravels if pulled. It sits well but loses definition because of the shine.  Does that make sense?

No. 58 Twisted Shell
Working curves with this stitch is great. No problem keeping the tension or placement.
I found I needed to keep a tension on the straight version. I held the twisted part and tightened the second movement before continuing.
No. 59 Knotted Running stitch.  What a lovely, quick and pleasing stitch this is.

The link to Queenie’s latest stitch can be found here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | April 17, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – No.57 Figure 8 Knot stitch

Queenie’s lesson comes from the  Totsuka Embroidery Stitch Book 3 Arrangement.    Easy to do but mine is a bit wobbly.

I played with the stitch  in a ‘pile-em-on’ fashion with 3 French Knots included.

Short class today.

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