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A Sketch a day – days 51-59

Thankfully my camera and computer are working together again.  I sketched daily and will be posting several at a time to catch up.

Day 51. Swan and cygnets.

It’s meant to be dark and was sketched on white paper, using Mungo pastel sticks.  It was fairly easy to do but the chalk kept coming off and so, even with repeat chalking it doesn’t look as sharp as the original.  It will need enlarging to find the cygnets -that look more like ducklings.

I even tried the tip of using hairspray to hold the work but I didn’t think much of that…grin..or it’s just me.






Days 52-56  Sketched from a gardening book on the first day and over the next 4 days I painted them with Faber-Castell water colour pencils








Day 57. Bird on a branch done with a HB pencil.   ALL of my pictures are drawn on white paper and any darkness is generally due to the lack of good light  (or sometimes my clumsiness, smearing while working).

Day 58. LOTS of practise needed on faces,  this poor girl had surgical removal of bone structure several times.  It was meant to be my GD, who saw it, didn’t comment but didn’t throw rocks at me either.  She’s a kind girl.








Day 59.  at last, something nice to show.  I found this picture online and loved it.  The flower was growing from a crack in a log.

Back tomorrow with more.

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1 Year’s stitches- finished hoop 1

I’m sorry it has taken so long to get my camera and computer working together again but I’ve been busy keeping up the stitching.

Most of the stitches have been posted earlier but there may be some overlapping with the new lot.

Couched Herringbone, Feather stitch and French Knots

Spanish Fly and half Buttonhole wheels

Heavy chain-left and Knotted Cable Chain

Fancy Hem, Detached Chains and Cloud stitch just had to be for the cloud.

Butterfly chain, Herringbone crossed, Scroll stitch cloud


house and vegetable patch

Left side-lavender, forget-me-nots and a lounge for the hard worker who has gone to make a cup of tea.

centre bottom – The pool/path was also altered and a few more flowers added.

right side – I re-did the green organza leaves at the bottom of the garden as they frayed with too much handling. Red detached chain was added to the white bullions.  Drizzle sts in yellow and blue

Completed hoop         There are 2 more hoops to edit/post.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | March 9, 2017

Stitching and Sketching posts

My apologies to my friends for not posting of late.  I’m still working on these projects but my computer refuses to acknowledge my cameras.  Until I can get these bothersome appliances on speaking terms, I can’t show anything.


Back as soon as possible.  Until then, thank you for visits and encouraging comments, which I really appreciate.


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1 Year of Stitches- Days 47-50

I have begun adding more than one stitch per day as it’s growing too slowly for me.

Day 47  I added Barred Herringbone to the edge of the work.  This stitch was in Sharon Boggon’s Module 7, which can be viewed here     You will find information about the modules, of which Sharon has generously shared the first 4 free.  The cost of the remaining modules is a really modest price.

It is worth while visiting to see what is available for anyone interested in needlework.

Barred Herringbone

Barred Herringbone

Day 48    Lace stitch.  This stitch can be found at Queenie’s Needlework

Also known as 3 sided stitch, it is really meant for Pulled-work but on Aida or firm fabric it can be worked without the holes.  My example is a bit of both…firm fabric but pulled to blend in with my crazy path.

CORRECTION , Queenie has kindly set me straight on the Lace stitch as I got it totally wrong.  I’m currently working a proper one and will post it shortly.

Lace stitch

Lace stitch

Days 49 and 50.  Somebody built a house while I was not looking.

I feel the work has a bit of focus now.  Straight stitchmainly with a single variegated thread for walls and couched roofChain and Fly stitches for the tree and a little brown Buttonholing for earth. This work was done over the 2 days.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | February 24, 2017

A sketch a day Days 47-50

Day 47.  Sturt’s Desert Pea.  This flower is unique to Australia and grows in arid places.  The very red flowers are about 9cm long and have bulbous black centres and sage green leaves.

Sturt's Desert Pea

Sturt’s Desert Pea

I used Aquarelle watercolour pencils for this.

Day 48.  Chameleon.. Another fun drawing- upside down.  It really makes a big difference to me doing it this way.  Pen and pencil sketch.


Day 49. Our apple tree .  No fruit this year as it was heavily pruned last season.  an ordinary black- lead pencil was sufficient today.  Photos are still woeful with dark backgrounds


Our apple tree

Day 50.  Here I am back up top for the last post.  I found a bird feather, which is on the left side and my sketch beside it.










Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | February 24, 2017

Sunday Stitch School

CORRECTION re the Lace stitch.  I have not used the correct way to stitch this and so my samples are just triangles, even the pulled ones.

I’ll post a proper sample shortly.  I appreciate your guidance Queenie.

Queenie’s Sunday Stitch School can be found here for the Lace stitch, also named 3 Sided stitch.

I used Aida and a single strand of Perle 8 and it’s fine for  this cloth but it’s really for pulling stitches as my next effort will show.



A teeny, tiny example as the weave is sooo fine and close I could barely see to stitch even with a magnifying light.

The first is worked over 4 threads and the second over 8.  This was enough punishment for my eyes but I found a better cloth and this week will work more stitches and post later.

I may yet begin my long awaited learning of Pulled stitches.  🙂

The stitch in the centre of the Aida is meant to be Knotted Satin stitch and while it works well on plain fabric does not look like a Satin stitch here.   It is rather similar to Rope Stitch.

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A sketch a day – Days 41- 47

This week has flown fast.  Sketches done daily but no time to post.

Day 41 – Eye expressions.  I’m not sure that the lesson was really meant for pairs of eyes as some pupils look in different directions.  I used a Dover publication freebie for this.  B and  2B pencils     Clicking the photos will enlarge them

Day 42.  A piece of my Grewia shrub using 2B black pencil  – on watercolour paper.  I should have used plain drawing paper to keep the lines sharp..A lesson learned.

Day 43 Sketched from a botanical book ..Mangoes Faber Castell water colour paints.

Day 44  I read about using the right side of your brain ( Dr. Betty Edwards) to improve sketching.  A method is to draw the work upside down.  I found it hard to believe this would work but tried it anyway.

I first drew it normally, then upside down.. Both sketches on one page – left.  Then I photographed the upside down part and attached it to the original photo so it can be seen here without standing on your head to compare them.Of course the larger bird is my model from an encyclopaedia.

I couldn’t believe the difference between the underfed bird and the upside down one.  I like this idea.

Day 45  From the encyclopaedia again.  Manet’s Boy Fifer, in Faber Castel pencils and Zig pen.  The deeply black coat was almost impossible to work from but I’m happy to say I managed details
Day 46 on the same page are dragonflies.  2B pencil and outlined with black Zig pen.

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1 Years stitches

Days 41-46.   Let’s not quibble,; there are actually 7 new stitches here.

From left to top right are – most stitches in this group are from the Pintangle Dictionary:-

Back to back Fly stitch; Herringbone  Italian Border, which I did in an alternate, up and down movement.

Middle row -I stitched  the blue Chained Cretan Triangle, which was in Sharon Boggon’s Module 7    I had purchased the module sets some years back – very moderately priced.  If you click the link you can read of free worksheets and first 4 Modules are also free, which is a generous gesture  from Sharon to all stitchers.
Starting again from the left are Longlegged Cross stitch ; Bokhara  -video from Needlen’thread;  then Basque  stitched in a variegated mauve crochet thread.

My 1 Years stitches are growing   If you haven’t heard of this group, free to all, please check out the link.


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1 Year’s stitches Days 37-40

Day 37.  I’ve added Up and Down Buttonhole stitch to the embroidery in variegated green
perle 8

Day 38.. here I made flowers of Whipped Wheels. The frame for the flower in dark perle 8 and whipped with 6 strands of variegated DMC.  The smaller flowers used 3 DMC threads for whipping.

Day 39.  Stem stitch combined the flowers.  2 DMC strands used here.

Day 40.    A small butterfly.
Bullions for body. Buttonhole for outside wings and Long and short stitch for the white sections.  All were stitched with a single Rajmahal art silk thread.  Antenna made with Pistil stitch. 2 strands of black DMC thread.

and here is a photo of the work to date.  The only bit missing is the cloud above the bird.  You may find a turtle down below..eyes peeled.


Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | February 12, 2017

A sketch a day – Days 37-40

Day 37.   It will be a long time until I’m confident making my own sketches, though I intend to keep practicing  –  a picture was my inspiration for this.  Gouche water paints.

Day 38.  I tried a simple idea of water, mountains and sky – again with the gouache paint..  others may find this easy but it took quite a while to achieve.

Day 39.  A selected part from a picture, using Faber Castell  watercolour pencils

Day 40. lemons from our tree, imagined butterfly.  Lately my photos are showing a blue background, which must be due to the daylight.  I don’t know how to fix that yet.



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