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Sunday Stitch School – No.89 Chequered Chain Band

I begin with an apology for creating the wrong stitch last week.  It was a Magic Chain stitch which carried the thread through the cloth instead of  under the bar. (pictured top). Perle threads used.

The correct version of Chequered Chain Band  (lower photo)is attached on the back at beginning and end only.   DMC 6 strands used for this.

My age is showing, that I couldn’t get the method correct but determination and patience won through and I can’t believe how simple it was.

My Teacher was very helpful and patient with me.  Thanks Teacher!

Once I ‘got it’, I made more

I used Coats Opera thread, on canvas.



On calico with Perle 8



and lastly on a CQ piece with 6 DMC strands of cotton.

..and it was quick and easy.  This stitch will be used more often.

Something a week ago, I could not have said.



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Sunday Stitch School- No.89 Chequered Chain Band

This stitch is easy to do once the instructions are read a followed.  I like the appearance on both Aida and plain fabric.  I used perle 8 threads here.

This heart is on a CQ piece with other SSS stitches. The heart is made with Perle 8 threads and the inner ring with the light green perle — the chains  each with 3 strands of DMC in two colours.

The only thing I’d do next time is to make slightly wider bars to work over- or a deeper shade.


Queenie’s instructions for the stitch can be found here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | February 10, 2019

Sunday Stitch School-lesson 88 -Zig-Zag Cable Chain

I used a perle 8 navy thread on Aida cloth.  The firmer cloth helped hold the knot.

Variegated Cottage Garden thread used here. Plain cloth was less fiddly to work on but I still lost some knots when taking the thread to the back.  I’ll practise more and try a shorter stitch length too.

Queenie’s lesson for this stitch can be found here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 30, 2019

Sunday Stitch School. lesson 87, Wave Stitch

I have only stitched one row on the Aida cloth but the second photo shows what the work looks like with more rows.  Yellow Perle 8 thread used here.

For this I used 3 strands of Cottage Garden Thread and  placed it in a corner or a CQ block that I’ve been using for SSS stitches.The stitch covers areas quickly and is super easy to do.

For this and more stitches you can visit Queenie’s blog here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 25, 2019

Sunday Stitch School- No 86. Anklet stitch

I used green perle 8 and varied the width of the pattern, on Aida cloth.

This one I added to a CQ piece that has other SSS stitches on
it.   I used a fine cotton thread that has a twist…not a DMC type.

My doodle cloth was next. I worked a wavy line in green perle – then I drew a pink line and added the Anklet stitch as leaves.  I think with a little playing this could make a good fern leaf…perhaps loose FKs on each tip.

The last sample was the circle.  I alternated a wider variety, then a smaller one around and found I’d not enough space to add another of each so I drew a tree trunk with the pink pen, which is easily removed with a warm iron. I couldn’t crop the remaining, old stitches.

I aim to use the Anklet stitch to create a bigger tree.

You can find the How-To for this stitch at

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Sunday Stitch School. Lesson 85.

No 85. Wrapped Cross stitch, on Aida.
A simple stitch that just needs careful wrapping.  Mine’s a bit wobbly and the last is unfinished due to the fabric width. Thread used is Perle 8

These crosses are added to a CQ block above the Tied Herringbone- No. 77 lesson

Fun adding to a doodle cloth. 2 strands of DMC in green and yellow.

One larger green and pink DMC 2 strands.

and lastly using up surplus fancy thread ends.  This began with the blue cross on the left side and kept growing.  The DMC sat better than the fancy type.


This stitch and so far, another 84 stitches can be found here 

Queenie generously shares her lessons with anyone interested in learning new and old stitches.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | December 20, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – another catch-up

The central stitch here is No 81.Reversed Fly.  On the outsides is No 83.Mennonite Tack stitch. Threads used are 2 strands of variegated Garden Cottage Thread for Rev. Fly and the Mennonite Tack is done with Brazilian Lola.

No.82 is Bokhara stitching.  I used 4 strands of DMC.

This effort is not neat at all.
I can’t say I’d ever take up making cushions with this stitch.

The purple marks should have been removed before posting.  I need only a warm iron to the back of the work to make them disappear.  I used a Frixon pen.



This stitch was fun.  No.84 Star Darn stitch. I used fine green metallic thread and Sassa Lynne variegated.



Below are some old samples of Reversed Fly stitch that I did using Sharon Boggon’s Modules.



Reversed Fly. Perle 8


Reversed Fly -soft yarn



On the left the RF is whipped on the outside

The centre is whipped on the next

A different arrangement for the blue.

There are lots of ways to play with this stitch.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | December 8, 2018

A gift for me

Recently I was very surprised to receive the loveliest card from Queenie of the Sunday Stitch School.
My health has been a little off – now 100% again, and so I am quite late in posting this wonderful card.

I call her Carin.  I took a side view of her as the front on view doesn’t give the depth of the face which is about 1/½ cm deep.  Her Chain stitched permed hair suits her.

If you click on the photo, Carin’s skin colouring is more true to the card.  I cropped the card to get a closer view of the stumpwork.

Thank you Queenie.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 19, 2018

No 80- Corded Bar, an experiment

I wondered how this stitch would work if I crossed the first.  I left part of the first bar without wraps(centre) but found it looks better with 2 normal bars.  Here are 2 Crossed Bars.  It sits nicely ,  I think I need another camera for better details.

Thanks Queenie for another very nice stitch.  The lesson can be found here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 15, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – a few lessons

Two stitches I forgot to add with the last post. A combination of No. 79 Crown stitch on No. 78, Interlaced Chain.

I used a thick soft thread for the chain, laced it with a glitzy DMC thread and the crown was made with a fine wool.





The top row of stitches again shows No. 79 Crown stitch and the lower one is No. 80,Corded Bar stitch.

Both very easy stitches and the bar looks good however it’s placed.

Playing with the Corded Bar on plain cloth.  Orange thread is 2 plies of DMC, White is a 2ply wool, the blue a single ply of some silky thread and the pink a 4 ply knitting cotton.

An extra lesson was learned after seeing the photo.  Make sure to use the correct marking pen.  I accidently used a biro (shudder) instead of my Frixon pen that fades with the heat of an iron.

More Corded Bar on my CQ block.








Almost missed this one.  another Crown  on plain cloth,this time in a quite thick silky thread- no idea what it could be.


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