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1 Year’s stitches- Day 36

Two  new leaves.  The left leaf  is Basque stitch.    I used 3 strands of Cottage Garden thread, named Golden Gully.

The right side leaf edge is Perle stitch and the center is filled with Rice stitch. I used variegated DMC threads for both.

More information on the group can be found at 1 Year of Stitches

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | February 5, 2017

A sketch a day Days 34-35

Day 34..Yesterday I sketched a collection of items- teapot, milk jug, mug and plate.  I obviously was sitting at an angle and so the objects are tilted. or my head was.  It’s quite ho-hum.

The items are on a slant.






Not pleased, I did a second


Much better but how could I have placed the handle top where it is??

so a third sketch was made.  Morning tea.

Day 35 I was up at 6am to do this and being fresh from a good sleep, seemed to get most things right.

The pot is the same in all 3, though I’ve elongated the third.  The bottom cup is the model for the others’ colour.  I became tired of trying to draw milk in the jug and just fiddled.  Ahem! I meant the middle sketch to be a small plate of cookies, not one single cookie.

I’m really pleased that at no time had I been dismayed at my efforts.

















Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | February 5, 2017

1 Year of stitches – Days 34 + 35

1 Year of stitches    A group where you can do your own thing in stitches, work at your own pace and it’s free.

Day 34

Sharon Boggon posted a stitch earlier in the week, called Raised Cretan stitch No 70.  I found it very easy to do a tree trunk, using a fine variegated fancy thread for the Back stitched section and a pale blue crochet thread for the fill in section.

Day 35 – I added stitches to the above work.  Branches of Coral stitch. I’ve added 3 leaves, which I found in my Anchor Crewelwork Embroidery Stitches  book.  (now there’s a mouthful)

The right leaf is done with Satin Threaded Chain stitch.   The middle leaf  is in Romanian stitch and the left leaf was created with Knotted Satin stitch.

I have corrected my error of the left and right leaves.  they are now correct.

Sorry that I have no link for these stitches.

The Knotted satin stitch gives a wonderful raised edge to the work.

Here is my work from day one to today.  It is on a tilt so I could get all the stitches in the photo.  I hope they are viewable.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | February 2, 2017

A sketch a day – Days 32 + 33


Day 32.  Today I didn’t copy anything but used a wee boot vase and a flower sprig of Abelia.  If nothing else, this effort has proved I’ve a long way to go with real life objects.

I got the angle so wrong on the left one.  Had I not jerked the black ink pen and elongated the line on the toecap there’s a slight possibility it may have looked a tad better.    Looks like it is bent sideways.

I repositioned the vase; still not right but it looks a bit better. It didn’t frustrate me; it’s just another learning curve.

Day 33 – Back to copying from the book.

These three sets of sketches were all on one page,  I thought they may be more viewable separated.

Watercolour paints, 2B pencil and Zig ink pen for most of them.  I added some Mungo pastels to the green foliage of the last tree.

I had a few tips from DD Jen, on how to use heavier lines to give a 3d effect.  Getting tips from others is really great.



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1 Year’s stitches -Days 32, 33

I now begin February and it’s Day 32 of the journey. The stitches were never meant to be a garden when I began but it grew of it’s own accord. I really meant to just do line stitch samples.  I’m hoping my fingers today have set me back on track.

Buttonhole Wheel  and French knots

Day 33 has a small addition of Zig-zag Chain stitches to the above work

The link to 1 Year’s stitches

any of the highlighted stitch links will lead you to Pintangle  Dictionary and the Home page is there also.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 31, 2017

A Sketch A Day – Days

Day 27.  Here I have used a 2B black pencil, aiming for perspective of light and distance..used the blue tack a fair bit but am pleased with the sketch.






Day 28.Storm Clouds done with pastels

Day 29.  This was fun and sketched with coloured pencils

Day 30.  this funny little fellow was on the back of an envelope I received years ago and never threw away.  I used a 2B pencil






and lastly Day 31.  I have to admit I’m really chuffed with this effort, which was from a Dover freebie sketch print out.  Weird beak but that’s how it looked.

Blue tack hardly got a look in. Yay!


So this is January, done and dusted.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 31, 2017

1 Year’s stitches – Days 26-31

Hard to believe one month is over for the year’s stitches.  Anyone can still join in as there is no commitment to daily stitching, just as you find time to do it.  It’s free to join in 1 Year’s Stitches  too.

Here are my sketches for the last few days

Day 26 -Here I added Herringbone in lime green perle 8.

Day 27 called for a little filler between the points = Algerian Eye using Cottage Garden thread, 2 strands








Day 28. No idea of what multicoloured thread was used – it is a single fine strand about as thick as 2 DMC strands.  This project is ideal for using up thread oddments.  The stitch is Van Dyke stitch

Day 29, the hand dyed Brazilian thread stalk in the third picture, stands against the tree trunk and Wheatear stitch was used








Day 30.  I began extending the crazy path with yellow cross stitches.  Don’t ask how I change tracks in mid-stride, it just happens and before I knew it, I had discarded the track for a wall of a pool.   Here I stitched Barred Chain in brown and added a Couched grey chenille (today’s freebie stitch).

Day 31 was easy as I needed only to add Running stitches to represent water, with a  single blue Rajmahal strand

Any of the highlighted links will take you to the on-growing list of Sharon Boggon’s Pintangle Stitch Dictionary

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 26, 2017

1 year’s stitches Days 23-25

1 Year’s stitches Day 23.  this is Cloud Filling in 2 pale colours.  May look odd but I kept it small and wriggly to look like a cloud.  lol.  I can do the stitch properly.






Day 24  is the edge embroidery of Satin stitch in peak form

Day 25, I used Up and Down Buttonhole for all stems in 2 strands of variegated Cottage Garden thread and 2 strands of DMC khaki colour.  I topped them with silk Ribbon stitch buds.

Lost count of the days and thought I’d done today’s stitch but what I did, was the TAST no. 69 stitch – Magic Chain, that does not belong here.  One more post to do and then I’ll work a stitch for today.

Pintangle Stitch Dictionary is a must for those who enjoy learning new and brushing up on old stitches.

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A sketch a day – Days 24 – 26

As expected with WordPress, what I see/do in the draft, never arrives in public as it displays beforehand.  Grr,.. this is the best I can do.

This dirty looking one has Masking fluid where I want clouds and highlight spots.

Next my first additions of paint..

 more colour is added on the third

Now you will see the masking fluid has been rubbed off..leaving surprising shapes.

Between the third and the  last picture, there has been lots of adding/removing of paint/repainting.. mixing colours is something I have to get serious about.

I crammed in a lot of work on this as the library book was due back today.


Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 26, 2017

A sketch a day – Day 23

This was copied from a book ‘The mind that shines’ about an English woman who settled in West Australia at the end of the 19th century.  A very interesting life, Georgiana Molloy had.  She became a serious collector of local flora and an amateur botanist. A good number of her drawings and real life specimens are held in the Kew Herbarium in England.


The book painting was quite delicate in colour, and I tried to keep it looking the same.  I hope it’s viewable.

Warning.. the next lot of photos are step by step  and I’m adding the lot in one post.. back soon






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