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A Year of stitches – 3rd Hoop

I have used stitches from TAST on an 11″ x 9″ sketch of Ma and Joey Kangaroo from Australia.
I found Louise Elliott’s freebie here

Several years ago I began using TAST stitches on it but the work became a UFO, until recently when I completed it.

The stitches on the turtle are green and blue outlines of Stem stitch, Couched orange thread, Wheatsheaf stitch, Cretan and at the base, a Woven heart.
There are Cross stitches around the outside.

Above the turtle are
a fish – made with Herringbone, Running stitch, Colonial knot eye,Detached Buttonhole bar, Spine -Whipped Fly stitch.
a crocodile – Whipped Chain, French Knot eyes, Straight stitches, 2 opposing Buttonhole rows, Fly stitches in 2 colours which are then Whipped.  Fly and Straight sts for the legs.
Ma’s spine  -was Straight stitched in V shapes
Ear – Up and Down Buttonhole and Cross stitch built up a bit.

All outlines were Whipped Chain
The Cockies were Long and Short stitched with Basque wing feathers and Detached Chain crests.


Ma’s arms were filled with Van Dyke stitch and her eye black Chain, Satin and Buttonhole
Joey’s head was just Straight stitched in different patterns
The pouch he’s in has Buttonhole, Fly, Back Stitch and Couching.
The tree leaves are Detached Chain with French Knot ends.  The trunk is Chain stitched.



Ma’s foot- uhm- that was in the original stitching but looks like several rows of Running stitch done in a twist-less thread.

The Lyrebird tail is made with Feather, Back to back Buttonhole and Stem stitches.
The body- Long and Short stitch head,
Wing- burgundy Chain and the tail end is Detached Buttonhole bars.
It’s anyone’s guess how the breast is made.  😦  The bird was embroidered some years back.
Chain stitch legs.

The bunnies were Long/short stitched and the tail Ghiordes or Turkey knot.
Buttonhole wheels  flowers and Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole grass




The Grass tree is very simple. Straight stitches, Couched for both trunk and foliage.

Ma’s tail – mainly Straight stitches,  French Knots, Satin stitch,Detached Buttonhole Bars and Fly stitch.
Stems – long Stem stitch and French Knots.
Fly stitches.
Fern – Detached Buttonhole Bars with Whipped Stem stitch veins.

The large red flower is my version of Sturt’s Desert Pea – a better example is here
Cacti – Couched Herringbone inside Whipped Stem stitch.  Detached Chain flowers.


and the finished embroidery.  There are another 11 animals that I could use for more embroidery.  Very tempting.  My thanks go to Louise Elliott for sharing her work.

Most, if not all stitches can be found in the Pintangle stitch Dictionary.

If you’ve not heard about Take A Stitch Tuesday  it can be found at the first link in my post.
It is free to all , beginners or advanced stitchers alike- no stress involved.



  1. WOW! What a feast to sit and drool over! You have used the TAST stitches to their full potential. Especially I am impressed by the Basque stitch for the wings of the birds and the fern made up of Detached Buttonhole Bars.
    The design is charming but you have made it into something very unique.
    More please!

    • Thank you very much, Queenie, for the high praise. I will need a larger hat now.
      It’s really the design that gives the inspiration here.

  2. This is so beautiful, I enjoyed looking at all pretty details. Thanks for sharing the link to the drawing, I can see why you’re tempted to do the others too!

    • Thanks, Annet. for the visit and hear you enjoyed the work.
      I hope you use the link prints.

  3. That’s amazing, Maureen! I really like what you did on this one. It’s sort of folk art whimsy, and so wonderful with all the colors and stitches. A person could look at it a long time and still find new things!

  4. The pattern’s cute and is like an I Spy.

  5. This piece is just sheer fun to look at (and, I suspect, might just have been as much fun to create!). Great interpretation of the TAST stitches.

  6. This is lush, flamboyant and beautifully crafted x

    • Thank you smw for the comment and Follow. 🙂

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