Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 9, 2016

Biscornu – warts and all

I’m not sure how I’d go with a tutorial but I can tell you what I’ve done so far.  I’ve made mistakes..should I begin with this?

After penciling in Sharon’s Friday Freebie pattern

I should have then drawn the lattice but keen to start I’d not given thought to how I was going to complete the outer section.  It’s impossible to use a ruler over SRE flowers…so you will see how it doesn’t line up around the edges—read, anywhere, if you will.                                             I figure I can fudge this when adding the bottom.

Probably the best I can do is post my next photo and say what I’ve done.

filling the edges

I used unwashed calico (muslin) and Jo Sonja paints.  Traced the pattern, taped to the cloth, with aid of sunlight behind my window.  I ironed fine pellon to the back for stability.  ( a hoop was suggested for embroidery but I found the pellon was sufficient).

I began with the magenta section.  I used a small brushload of the paint mixed with a few drops of water to begin with, to a creamy consistancy.

Each painting must be ironed dry before painting anything else or it will bleed where it should not.  I use Gladbake paper to protect the work.

The green section was dampened slightly but not right up to the lines.  You can push gently with the bristles to the lines and add a little water when pushing the paint to the outer parts if you want toning.

I used  2 strands of thread for the chain stitching, one No 12 Finca crochet thread for the ‘hearts’ and 2 strands DMC lazy daisy stitches.  I’m going to ignore the lattice placing and say I used back stitch on the lines.

I now have to stitch the outline of the green section, then hopefully, will work out how to back it.

In case anyone wonders if a fixative was used with Jo Sonja paints.  No, none used – probably as it won’t be washed.

I might embarrass myself and post my first painting where the paint spread too far.  😦









  1. this is not only interesting, but beautiful…the lattice is the perfect addition!

    • Thanks Ktj.

  2. It’s Lovely Maureen – I like the pattern 🙂 ××💕🌸💕

    • Thanks Barbara, the design came from Sharon’s freebies – link above. There are lots to choose from.

  3. Thank you for the tute! I was curious to know how you did it, so appreciate the further info. Were the JoSonja paints the folk art ones? I assume they are.

    • Yes Mary Anne, Jo Sonja are the folk art ones.

  4. Looks lovely Maureen. Will we see the finished Biscornu? Love the idea of fabric painting too. Another ‘must try’ for me.

    • I’ve finished the front and will begin on the back shortly.

  5. It is beautiful, once you sew it together and stuff it, it will be perfect. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Making a Dear Jane quilt currently and having lots of family problems along the way, I have learned not to be so perfect with my sewing. I sew for the love of sewing.
    Katheen Mary

    • Thank you kathysnest 32 for the kind words. I’d be worried if it were for someone else.
      Sometimes when mistakes are posted there can be good recovery hints as replies.

      Let’s see if you’re right when I have the base stitched on. It looks a bit tricky.

      • I made one a few months ago Maureen, and I found the trick to assembly is using many pins. I then machine sewed the seam with a larger stitch first, so I could adjust/fix any ‘mistakes’, then I used a much smaller machine stitch to finish. And very pleased with the result. Matching the corners of the top piece with the middle of each side on the bottom piece is a bit tricky, but that’s where the many pins were helpful. But if I can do it, you certainly can.

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