Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 6, 2016

2016 personal challenge

I hope Everyone enjoyed great Christmas and New Year celebrations and all ready to take on challenges for 2016.

Just a short post today.

I’d planned to try and teach myself various stitch methods but am not organized as yet.  I need to buy the right fabrics and threads.  In the meantime I have painted calico-muslin- and begun a Biscornu. My first.   I used one of Sharon’s patterns

I did leave out a small outline part, which would have been out of the square.  I could have reduced the lot but like the size it is.

The colour is really magenta not deep lilac.  I used Chain, Buttonhole and straight stitches so far.  and now back to the stitching…





  1. It will be really lovely when it’s finished. I have never tried to do
    a Biscornu, Hope you will post it when it’s finished.

    • I’ll keep posting until it’s complete Sondra. Thanks for your comment

  2. So…you painted the pattern on the fabric, then stitched over it?? Looking forward to viewing the completed piece. A friend who teaches BDE decided that arthritis in my hands are not as bad as hers, so she gifted me her supplies!! Guess what I “plan” on doing this year : .renewing my acquaintance with BDE!!

    • Yes M, I painted the fabric and stitched over. More to come.
      Good for you inheriting such lovely stash. A shame that your friend;s hands aren’t limber still.

  3. I meant to ask – was the paint difficult to stitch through? What kind of paint? I like it very much, the gradation of green is very nice. Diane

    Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2016 05:39:30 +0000 To:

    • Hi Diane, no problems with stitching over paint. Jo Sonja paints used with a little water. I’ll add more info to the blog.
      Thanks for the compliment..

  4. This will be lovely Maureen. Did you see the Biscornu I made for a CQ group swap earlier this year? Not sure if I posted photos on Flickr. It was fun to make. How big is your biscornu square? I love the colours and the diagram.
    I must ask Maureen C what BDE is??

    • Claire Just to confuse the issue I’mM2 not M3 (Maureen Bond) 😉
      BDE is Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and is worked with vibrantly coloured Rayon threads of differing thicknesses. Check out Delma Moore’s website Blackberry Lane
      to learn more.

    • Thanks Claire. No, I haven’t seen your Biscornu. I’ll have to check it out. The working square is 6″.

      Confusing M names..we once had 4 Maureens working in our group…hence the numbers

    • Claire do you have a link to your biscornu please?

  5. Did you paint the fabric and now you are embroidering it? I love it.

    • Hi linmid, thanks for calling in and leaving a comment. It’s much appreciated. Yes I painted calico and stitched it.

  6. I like this technique! How about another post to explain how you painted the fabric and what sort of paint you used, etc. Curious mind(s) want to know.

    • Hi MA, next post coming up shortly.

  7. This is going to be a gorgeous biscornu!

    • Thanks Annet. I hope I don’t mess it up..already it’s not quite right.

  8. It is beautiful..Very clever person. I have made a few biscornues. I love them.
    Well done.
    Kathleen Mary

    • Thanks Kathleen Mary for the compliment. I checked your blog and have to agree with you that to stop being creative is hard when you take it up again.

  9. It’s lovely.. Buttonhole swirls have come out so well…

  10. Hi Anita, I’m pleased you like the swirls. I tried to mirror image half of each shape but gave up and stitched the buttonhole in one direction.

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