Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | April 22, 2015

In our garden

Male kangaroos in our garden

Male kangaroos in our garden

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe often have kangaroos call in to crop our grass but I noticed yesterday there were no females.  Not all are in this photo- there were 18…generally we’d get about half that.

Apart from cropping DH’s fruit trees,  they are a blessing in that they eat the grass and save lots of mowing time.

We throw bread to them and while semi tame, I have never seen a big one stand upright, balancing on his tail, so close to me. He appears to be some distance from me but it was only 4 feet back.  I was on the verandah taking the shot and so I estimate he was 6 feet high.

I don’t wholly trust them; they can balance on their strong tail and can use their long sharp-nailed feet to kick out if frightened -which can be dangerous.

During school holidays or over summer they retreat to their own area as they prefer the quiet to a busy township.



  1. Wow, it means you live in Australia, right ??? I would like to have dears, but I only have a lot of insects, specially in my plants, lol 😦

    • Yes, Australia. We do have small Hog deer but they are shy and rarely seen, except for their foot prints in the garden.

  2. Wow, that is quite a sight! I had no idea kangaroos ate grass. Wish the wild turkeys that visit my yard could help with mowing. 🙂

    • Kangaroos are vegetarians Pat. No doubt your turkeys fertilize your yard and hopefully keep any bugs at bay.

  3. This is extraordinary – what a sight – I wouldn’t trust them either. They are so mighty.

  4. I’ve never seen so many kangaroos in your garden before Maureen – the big male one looks almost comical just stood up there watching you. I’m sure you are right to be wary of them 🙂 x

  5. Hello Maureen! Here I am at last! We could actually do with a few to munch our grass – Himself would be delighted! 🙂

  6. Wow, that’s really interesting, I’d no idea you are in Australia, we have nothing visit us except birds and the occasional stray dog from close by. 🙂

  7. Really interesting. 18 at the same time? That seems like a large herd! I’m amazed at how humanoid he looks standing like that. Star Trek should base a species on kangaroos!

  8. Where are you in Australia? I will be on a tour there May 18-June 10. It’s with Overseas Adventure Travel so there won’t be a lot of free time, but If it worked we could plan lunch.

    • Hi Bobbi, I’ve emailed you.

  9. Oh dear! What a beautiful sight ! 18 at a time is really scary. I still have that kangaroo family pic that you’d sent sometime back 🙂

    • Thanks to all for the visit to see our ‘roos, My DH claimed the large standing one was tame..but I’m always sceptical and keep a distance.
      Some are well used to us feeding them bread but newer ones tend to bound away if we pass by. Guess they are scared too.
      We have plenty of various birds and before our old gums needed removing, koalas as well…and the stray dog or two.

  10. What an amazing sight (at least for me, living in Canada). I don’t think I’d be getting too close to them either.

  11. Really exotic photo of the lead male. Puts my silly squirrels to shame.

    • MA I’ve seen videos of 2 males fighting. They balance on their tail and lash out with their feet. they are all muscle and I didn’t fancy getting near enough to be a sparring partner… they don’t seem to mind having their photo taken.
      Diane, no squirrels here but possums would be similarly behaved and we have lots of them.

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