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Kantha SaL

I was fortunate to join Anita at Artistic Fingers after the Stitch-a-Long was running for some weeks.

Before beginning this week’s lesson I will post photos of what I have done so far.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The work so far is stitched with DMC threads and 2 strands.

We were to trace from a pattern but though I taped the silk fabric down, I must have moved it and I found when working the Kantha flower, the petals were not as they should have been.. also my stitching was poor.  I was not happy.     The photos will have to be clicked to enlarge and see the hand traced lines.

So I experimented by ironing a fusible webbing between the silk and a sheet of A4 paper and running this through the printer.  Well it looked fine but then I found I had more solid lines rather than broken ones and this shows a shadow when stitched.   I had no bother removing the paper and most of the fusible webbing rubbed off the silk back as I worked.  I have shown both the hand traced picture on top and the printed version on the bottom.  You will note the dark ring on the bottom right photo, which is only a circular line on the top one.

This may not be acceptable by the end of the SaL but it is worth the experimenting.  I have to say my eyes appreciate the deeper lines.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week we added DMC green in regular Kantha and DMC red in Irregular Kantha.  The difference between these two types is the length of, and space between the Kantha stitch.




I seem to keep a nicer line with the printed pattern – BUT will it look as good if those shadows show through.





  1. This is such a lovely pattern Maureen and your stitching so far is wonderful. The kantha stitching is so effective 🙂 x

    • Thank you Barbara.

  2. What a lovely project! When I trace a pattern on my fabric I first iron a piece of freezer paper to the back, it helps stabilizing the fabric when I draw the pattern.

    • Thank you Annet for the information.
      I normally use sticky tape to attach the paper design to a window and then do the same over that with the fabric I’ve chosen for the task.
      The Kantha design had more lines to cover than usual and perhaps why I moved the cloth.
      Your way sounds much better and I’ll certainly try it. In fact I’ll go find something now, to trace.

      • Maureen! Do you remember years ago that Shay Toner sent us some(very light weight) freezer paper for tracing designs to and layering on the fabric?? Do you have any left that you could use for this project?

      • I can’t remember receiving any freezer paper….must have been a long time ago. I’ve soaked fabric in fabric softener and ironed it to freezer paper ready to print ‘ciggie’ pictures. Thanks for that reminder.

  3. Hello dear friend, I like you did!!

    • Thank you Maria.

  4. This project gives you a great chance to experiment and find the right way for you – I so much agree that a clear line is what your eyes want! Like Annet, I often use freezer paper to stabilise the fabric before tracing.
    The design is SO beautiful.

  5. Hi Queenie, I will be trying Annet’s suggestion shortly. I’m surprised I’ve not heard of the method before.
    The Kantha design is by Anita… her link is above.

  6. Looks beautiful Maureen. Freezer paper idea sounds good,pls let me know after you try it. I’ve never tried that looking forward to hear from you.

    • I’m wondering how easily the pattern will show up through fabric PLUS freezer paper.or do you trace pattern onto FP then press that onto reverseof fabric? Please blog the results Maureen

  7. Hi Maureen and Anita.
    I place the paper pattern, cut as small as possible between the wrong side of the fabric and the freezer paper. The fabric gets stable enough to trace the pattern but there is a small ‘air filled’ space where the design is so you need to pay attention.

    • Thank you Queenie for the directions.

      I just tested ironing the paper to fabric and laid this over the design. Though I could see to transfer the design against a window, your way would be far clearer.

      I do like the feedback and help given online. :-)))

      • Thank you Queenie from sharing your hint!
        Another Maureen 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Queenie.

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