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Russian Icon swap

I had a private swap with Kate, who wished for me to make a Russian Icon page = 6″ x 6″.  I asked for a page with a Viking ship in exchange. (My G’ father came from Denmark).   While working, I realized the 6″ was not the right size for my work and we agreed I could make a 6″ x *8″ instead and I was happy with the original size for the ship.

Unsure what Russians used for icons, I asked if it were to be religious. reply.. Yes.  I’d never tackled anything like this but gamely went ahead after searching the Web for inspiration.

On the far left this is what I found and inspiration

This what I did.


I used silk taffeta for background and blue taffeta for halos  –  the images I printed. After a nervous start I thoroughly enjoyed making this for Kate.

and a close up

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStitches used were Cable Chain for the Child’s top. I am almost certain I did Ghiordes knot  for his hair.

For Mary’s top I did rows of Palestrina stitch- 3 DMC strands- with French knots between and Cast-ons around the hood, both with 2 strands DMC .

the lace  was stitched with 1 DMC strand and I used Detached Chain, Back stitch and a few French knots.  Created in July, I can’t find notes for the work so I can’t say how I did the sleeve cuff…maybe Barred chain at the bottom.

and here is my Fabulous Vikingskib page from Kate.  I am sure the fellow at the front of the ship is my G’father  or would have been if he and the ship were around at the same time LOL.  We are both happy with the swap.




  1. wow……they are realy great works, from both of you…..!

  2. You and Kate have each made a wonderful piece. They are so different but both are stunning. You have pulled out all your creativity to make that stunning icon.

  3. Both works are stunning Maureen 🙂

  4. A great exchange, both are wonderful.

  5. Thank you very much Janny, Queenie, Barbara and Diane for those so kind comments. Thank you Julie for the ‘Like’

  6. two wonderful pieces of creative work

  7. Wow what wonderful stitching you both did. I love your icon with Mary and child the stitching on the clothing is so great, and the ship you received is great too.

  8. this is wonderful work, Maureen, and you are very brave that you took this image and this plot for your work! the only one thing which you probably should do for better result – is to add warm dark yellow color to your work. to theirs clother or to the glow.. for make it more warm. usually Russian icons are with brown-orange-yellow-red colors. and have a dark-gold or dark-wooden background. your picture looks like from Greece. very airy and light. maybe one day you will decide to create something like this again 🙂 then my comments will be usefull 🙂
    great work!

    • Thank you Masha for your interest in my work. I really appreciate any help from my friends, to improve my work or make it more authentic. Sharing is such a great way to learn. I will look into the icons further. :-)))

  9. your work on the icon is beautiful, and the drakar is very nice too. It is a funny coincidence, but the rus origin is probabily nordic'_people

    • Thank you Isabelle. I viewed your link and found it very informative I bookmarked it for later study. Strange that it showed Nicolai Roerich and I had done a fabric page of his work, which is at
      This is a great way to learn about another culture

  10. hello Maureen, this icon is the most famous for Russians…not only because it is beautiful but it has a special sense ..

    • Thank you also lada for your great link. Also bookmarked to study.
      Thanks so much for taking time to help me.

      • You are welcome)) I think you should visit Russia and see our churches and everything yourself if you really intersted and it is the best way to learn about different cultures. Good luck with all your new projects!

  11. This is so lovely Maureen, what a great swap! How did you do the faces?

    • Thank you Susan. I printed the faces from the web onto calico (muslin) and cut them to suit.

  12. Wonderful work Maureen! I must wean myself away from postcards and get back to REAL work! Happy New Year and many more hours of great stitching.

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