Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 27, 2012

Tast 3, week 39 – Knotted Buttonhole

I laid the bridge uprights and then experimented to see if the Knotted Buttonhole would work as lattice.

Working sideways, I did the left half by sliding the thread under all upright threads and weaving back to the bottom.

It was hard to keep a straight edge.  I decided I’d played enough and just basket weaved the other half.

I like the textured thicker look but the finer was definitely easier to do.

I also liked having the knots as the parapet edging.  To create the far side of the bridge I did a knotted line.  I used oddments of thread and have no idea what they are.

I stitched a Shisha  – using Anita’s tutorial here it is the  second tutorial down the page -and surrounded that with the Knotted Buttonhole.

The red is Presencia 12 and the rays are 3 strands of variegated DMC

Having stitched the sun with ends out, I made a wheel with points to the centre.

I  felt I improved with the viola as I went along.  I had tried short/long bars to fill the petals but

should have just stitched all from the middle.  The pale ones were the last and best because of this.

Top row…..In Tast 1, This method was called Up and Down Buttonhole and looks similar to this week’s stitch

you can find the difference here

The second row is Knotted Buttonhole.      Both are easy to do but I like the heavier knot of the Knotted Buttonhole.

If anyone is interested in learning new stitches please visit Sharon’s Tast FAQs here 

for more information.


Now a correction to my note above.  Annet mentioned Knotted Buttonhole was done in Tast 1 but I could not find it in Sharon’s Stitch Dictionary and thought I’d mixed it with the Up/Down Buttonhole.

Then I saw Sharon explained to Jeanne-Marie that these two stitches were not alike.  Further investigation by me found Week 38 was definitely the Knotted version of Buttonhole and mine are here



  1. Lovely examples Maureen, I am partial to flower..:)

    • Thank you Lakshmi

  2. I like your samples, Maureen. The bridge is so clever and the rays around the shisha are very good. You just gave me another idea for my samples!

    • Thank you Annet, I hope to see your idea on your blog soon

  3. If one ever needs inspiration, your blog is where to go and get it! I LOVE your viola, the bridge is so cleverly done, not to mention the shisha sun! Well, I must have felt your thoughts as I have a shisha in my TAST sample as well, worked differently though!

    • Queenie I have viewed your wonderful Knotted buttonhole sampler and your shisha leaves me gasping.
      The boot is on the other foot as it is you who inspires.

  4. As usalu, maureen, your creative mind never ceases to amaze! I would never have thought of a bridge…and it is lovely. Are you thinking of using it something? kaethejean

    • Thank you Ktj for your kind words. I will use the samplers of Tast stitches to make a visual stitch dictionary. Long overdue.

  5. i too love all are really creative..especially love the bridge ..

    • Thank you Leela 🙂

  6. great samples of this stitch. I love the flowers.

    • Thank you also jizee 🙂

  7. Yea! You made Sunday Highlights! Congratulations.

    • Have I ???

  8. Your post and your stitches are beautifull!

    • Thank you Anneliese. I enjoyed seeing your wild deer- very clever.

  9. Merci de ton commentaire sur mon blog, j’aime aussi venir voir sur le tien souvent…

    • Merci.

  10. The shisha work and the flowers look great.

    • Thank you Ina.

  11. Lovely sampler Maureen.I like the purple flower the most,love the shisha one too.

    • Thank you Anita

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