Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | May 19, 2012

TAST 3 – Week 20, Bullion stitch

I stitched a tree with Bullion trunk and then got carried away with doing 19 of the previous stitches as well.     I have posted old works here

The fabric I used is a rubber-backed curtain sample and I had no bother stitching through this.  Waste not-want not.

I am not sure if WordPress will move my pictures apart from the text but here goes..The crown of the tree is a piece of mohair wool lace that is Couched with Fly stitched DMC rayon

The birds are Fly stitches made with the same thread in brown

The swing is Chain with the seat Couched over 3 pieces of rayon floss.  The background lawn is just lots of straight small stitches with DMC stranded threads

The cyclamens are Detached Chain, French Knot and leaves Buttonhole all in DMC stranded cotton

Whipped Wheel in Sassa Lynne variegated thread; DMC Stem stitch stalk and Detached Chain leaves.

The vine is Alternating Barred Chain in DMC rayon and Sassa Lynne French knots

The green bush on the right of the tree is Barred Chain.  The left half has the bar on the left and the right side has the bar on the right side.

White daisies have a single rayon strand Bullion stitch with a Detached Chain outer wrap.  Stems are in Stem-stitch and straight stitch leaves.

Johnny-jump-ups,-or violas- and leaves are done with Detached Chain

Last one is Feather stitch with French knots.

Grasses on wall are either Fly stitch or Up/Down Buttonhole

The Wall top and bottom is Herringbone stitched with burgundy DMC perle 8 .

The bricks= Running stitch and the mortar between, Buttonhole(Tailor’s buttonhole).  I used DMC perle 8 for bricks and single DMC stranded cotton for mortar.

Grasses in left foreground :- Half Chevron, Crossed Buttonhole, Fly

The dark one is Cretan gone mad.  The white flowers Detached Chain with French knots.

The tree trunk is deliberately made with loose Bullion stitches to get a textured effect but the 6 grass Bullions at the base are ‘properly’ made. Threads used are Edmar Nova, Lola and a weird rayon with no twist for colour addition. Perhaps Cire.

There are random Stem stitched lines of grass  at the base.

To the right of the tree trunk are Wheatear stems using 6 strands DMC stranded cotton and below this Up/Down Buttonhole

There is green Chevron grass edging and a Bullion Snail too.

The missing stitch is Satin.  This was meant to be my bricks but as they were not padded,it is only Running stitch and I certainly can Not claim my bees to be Satin stitched’

They are made with 2 Straight stitched DMC strands and a single yellow thread which is Couching.  so still no Satin stitch example.  The wings of the bees are Detached Chain in gold metallic thread.

Now let’s see what Mr WordPress has done to my tidy post.

EDIT.. and my apologies if you have persevered this far as the words were meant to be with the right photo.

I hope there was something worth while here.



  1. Maureen!! this is amazing!!
    hugs, Masha

    • Thank you Masha.

  2. Love your tree Maureen, it is gorgeous….you sount like me dont know when to stop once you get started. 🙂

    • Thanks Shirley. Sometimes it is very hard to stop stitching but so far I have not run out of space.

  3. Maureen, could you please send a private message to me as I would like to email you about something.

  4. Wow Maureen – this is fantastic, I love the tree, the wall with flowers and not forgetting the little snail 🙂

    • Thank you Barbara.

  5. Wow, this is a real work of art!

    • Thank you Wendy for the lovely comment

  6. Thank you for the details and the closeup photos. I really appreciate seeing everything as though I was holding your hoop. It’s beautiful.

    • Thank you Dianne.

  7. I fully agree with Yarngoddess; it was a treat to see the details and read the description. I’m sitting here with my cuppa and forget drinking the coffee, drooling over your work and ideas! How cleverly you have worked in every one of the TAST stitches, well not the satin stitch of course, ha, ha, into this work. You have used every stitch to its full potential. I take my hat off!

  8. Good that you got carried away with the previous 19 stitches.How else would have we seen this lovely lovely piece!!

    • WordPress shows me as deepasan..this comment is to establish my identity 🙂

    • Thank you Deepa, It is high praise indeed from someone so talented as yourself

  9. That’s a really good use of bullion knots for the tree trunk – very effective!

    • Thank you also Janet, and for the visit.

  10. its a lovely composition and the knots work very well as bark.

    everyone is doing sucg intersting things witih bullion knots

    • Thank you, You are right that there are many marvelous items coming from around the world.

  11. Wow! Maureen,This is so beautiful.I love everything about this piece,snail is so cute.Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Anita.

  12. Hi Maureen,
    I thoroughly enjoyed drinking in all the details of this lovely piece. There was such a creative use of stitches…LOVED the walk…but I also loved the tree trunk and the tree and the snail….and everything..!~

    • Hi Susan, Thank you for calling in and for your kind comments.They are much appreciated.

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