Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 17, 2012

TAST 3 Week 2 – Buttonhole family

I am running late this week but here are my straight samples

  1. Barb stitch, created by stitching two rows of Buttonhole back to back and then whipped. I used Edmar Nova for the whipping.
  2. 2. Berwick. 6 strands DMC variegated. This is stitched right to left.
  3.  Bonnet stitch using a broder cotton
  4. Buttonhole Bar. Blue metallic -medium thickness
  5. Buttonhole Wheel. 4 strands hand painted Japanese cotton. Also red 2 ply cotton
  6. Closed Feather stitch. I used a cotton with not much twist and similar to perle 5 in thickness
  7. Closed Buttonhole in green perle 8
  8. Detached Buttonhole with fawn thick cotton
  9. Rosette of Thorns. In very fine blue Ginnie Thompson and the yellow with perle 8
  10. Feather stitch using Cottage Garden thread
  11. Up and Down Feather with pink thick unknown thread type
  12. Up and Down ButtonholeAll of these stitches are shown in Sharon’s Stitch Dictionary.

This is the strangest creation. It began as a leaf, which I covered with Closed Feather stitch in bright autumn colours. Then I noticed the stem looked like the snout of a fish. Perhaps I’d had one coffee too many because I covered the previous stitches with Feather stitch in tan perle 8.

Realizing I’d now hidden the Closed Feather stitching I did a ‘flash’ of this in green perle 8.

The fins are in Up and Down Buttonhole, using variegated perle 8

The tail is done in Barb stitch.                   I finished with the eye in green perle 8

My DH was doing a bit of eye rolling when he saw it.

I had not done much with the stitches so at the last moment I found a freebie print of quirky animals from Louise Elliott which I’ve had sitting around for ages

The sketch is on Aussie animals and I’ve chosen to do the Lyrebird?

I used Open buttonhole for the breast, Buttonhole bars for feet.  The tail feathers are Feather stitch for the ferny ones and Back to Back buttonhole for the two larger ones.

The wing tip was stitched with Buttonhole Bar but I stitched up one side and back down the other of the bar, creating a smooth edge.

Lots of stem stitch with Stef Francis autumn colours and Sassa Lynne fine in the peacock shades.

The body of the bird was mostly done with 2 strands of DMC floss.

The beak is a detached Closed Buttonhole



  1. Your buttonhole stitches are lovely, so weel done and neat. I love the peacock. Had a look at the link and found those wonderful animals. Do you mind if i use them too.

    • Thanks Shirley for your comment and those drawings are free to use for anyone. I hope to do all of them sometime.

  2. when a leaf looks like a fish… what can you do but make a fish out of it? It’s very fishy.

  3. LOL Thanks Diane

  4. Lovely samples Maureen and I love the Barb Stitch.
    The fish and the quirky bird are wonderful.

  5. Your stitches are lovely, and the fish and bird are so whimsical and fun. Love them!

  6. Thank you Susan.

  7. Loved your fish and bird…keep on stitchin’!

  8. Thanks Barbara. Thank you also Nina.

  9. Wow! Love the fish and the bird! Well really love all of your work!

  10. Thank you for the kind comment Rose

  11. Your bird looks like something out of Dr. Seuss. I love it! I found you on CQJP because we both have a new block up on Feb 1st. Happy stitching.

  12. Yes my bird does look like a Seuss character. I think the colours have a lot to do with that.
    Thanks for dropping in. I checked out your February block.

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