Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 10, 2008

A gift for me

I can’t believe I’ve been hanging around for 70 years. Where has the time gone? Where have the wrinkles come from? From the kids did I hear? Well perhaps some were due to that but I would not swap or give them away. Kids that is, not wrinkles. These offspring had already given Graeme and I a wonderful trip to Tasmania to celebrate our 50th anniversary earlier in the year and have now planned a big party for me next Saturday

When Catherine visited me recently she brought with her a most beautiful doll, which she has given me for my birthday. She knows I like cloth dolls and the one I received is a beauty. I’m adding photos of the doll and details of the crazy quilting. The doll itself is beautifully made and the gown is superb. Catherine thought I may not like the doll. That girl is nuts – I love her – that is, both the doll and her. Without further ado, here is my nameless doll. I intend asking my GKs to name her for me.



  1. Wow! That’s beautiful! So intricately done. What a treasure! Did Catherine make it?

  2. Oh, I forgot. Happy birthday!

  3. Yes Catherine did make the doll. With all the messing about trying to get the pics sorted some text disappeared. It should have mentioned that the maker was Catherine.

    Thank you Susan for the birthday wishes.

  4. It is a lovely doll Maureen! The embroidery on the skirt is sóó nice. What a beautiful present for your birthday!!

  5. Well it’s nice to know that both the doll and myself are loved…vbg. Love your photos – they came up much better than mine – must be all that green grass you have….lol. Has Graeme made a stand for her yet?

  6. Absolutely love that doll! The two of you are a perfect pair. Catherine, what wonderful workmanship. Maureen, have a super birthday celebration. You deserve the royal treatment with all the trimmings.

  7. Well Catherine certainly deserves credit for her lovely work. In hand the doll and frock are lovely. The dress is Perfectly sewn before the embroidery was done.
    No Catherine, no doll stand yet. I borrowed one from another doll, which is why the ribbon on the back is pushed up a bit. I’ll go remind Graeme to get started. LOL.
    Gayle thank you for the birthday wishes. My fingers are crossed that Catherine and Ashley may be with me to celebrate. It is a long way between houses though.

  8. Belated happy birthday, have visited your site many times. The doll is beautiful, such artwork. I love to do crazyquilt myself.

  9. Hi Rose, like Catherine’s gift you are early, not late at all with my birthday. Thank you kindly for the good wish and I’ll think of you next Saturday when the big day arrives.

    Thank you also for dropping in, it’s always nice to have visitors.

    cheers Maureen

  10. The doll and the embellishments on her dress are just gorgeous. I’ve enjoyed looking several times. What a beautiful gift!

    Happy birthday! You’re a year younger than I. Hard to believe we’ve been around so long, isn’t it? But so far, old is good for me.

  11. P.S. Love her double chin!

  12. Hi Maureen I just love the doll glad you had a great Birthday. Yes it is strange getting to 70!!! But you get used to it. Har to know where all the years have gone.

  13. Love, love, love the doll! Just beautiful!

  14. The doll is beautiful. You posted her on my birthday so it was almost like a present for me, too!

    I have given you the I Love Your Blog Award. Details are on my blog Marjorie

  15. Maureen, I gave you the Kreativ Blogger award from my blog. Hideko

  16. Maureen, since Catherine made the doll and she is gorgeous I think she should be named “Maureen” for its beautiful owner …
    Just my 2cents LOL

  17. Wow Catherine!! You really captured Maureen’s likeness with that gorgeous doll. A beautiful doll for a beautiful lady…..congratulations to you both – Rowdy for the doll and Maureen for reaching 70 years of age. Love you both,

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