Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | February 4, 2008

de stashing the craftroom

When Sharon first challenged us to stash bust our craftroom, I didn’t feel up to the weighing of everything but did try to organize instead. Here are the pictures taken in September ’07.  All but the first photo will expand by double clicking.
Messy huh?

I found the recycle plastic bags explode after 2 months.
and this is how it stayed as I was aiming to collect sweet boxes (empty and not my doing either), which has taken me until now to get most of what I need. It didn’t stop me gathering more stash though.
All this week I have done no stitching, just weighing (material only) and tidying and found to my surprise that I had 137.6kg of materials. All sizes, all types. CQ and Sane.
Then I remembered I had 5 quilt tops in another wardrobe in the next room.
Oh holy heck. I now own 167.4kg of material. Where has it all come from. Has it given birth and multiplied out of all belief?
My DH is not cross in the least to hear this, but laughing his head off.
Each day I have laboured, yes, laboured for at least 8 hours, sometimes much more, only taking a few breaks for fluid and food.
I did not weigh any polyester filling -of which I still have about 10kg from the 100kg bale I bought in the 80’s to make cloth dolls. Nor have I included beads, lace, ribbons, buttons, threads etc.,
Once I could see the light through the forest I decided to do the cupboards as well. Not that there is much there, some are used for extra household items, the GKs use one and I have dyes, paints, doll making things, which all have been tidied up and I am wondering if I’m in the wrong house.
Okay, if you are still with me these photos are the end result of this week’s work.
Like grew
On the right hand side of this pic is the Caneite board my DH framed and hung for me yesterday. (Thanks Sharon for that good idea. We have about 8 left from the ceiling of our other house that DH renovated) It holds Other People’s artwork.
More OP art
The painting is of me and done by my eldest DD Catherine.  I was trying out my 90 y.o sisters costume for her birthday.
Top and left are from RRs
My insect stumpwork and landscape
and DH’s framework
My craftroom was our original garage, but DH made over 7000 bricks and built a huuuuge one, 4 metres tall and L shaped being 50ft long in each direction, so I asked very nicely for this one. 🙂 and got it.
There is no floor covering still as he planned a carpet cover and I insist on lino as I am the very devil at dropping needles and beads, which are a nightmare in carpet.
I still have some materials to cut and sort but hardly worth the mention.
One pleasant surprise is that I found an unopened queen sized quiltbatting in the wardrobe. I de-stashed my paper collection(not weighed) and chopped up my cartons filling 2 recycle bins (240Lt each) and also 2 household bins with material rubbish (160Lt each).
At year’s end I look forward to knowing how much I have lowered my stash and as I actually finish articles will post them to the blog.
Thank you Sharon, I owe you big time.


  1. absolutely inspriing…and wonderful to look at too! what a great job Maureen…..kaethejean

  2. Geez, Mauree, what a great looking make-over. I don’t want to weigh my stash (my scales need a new battery lol) but I sure do need a clean-up! The only trouble is when I clean up I don’t know where anything is …. must get better organized! Huggies

  3. oh!! Maureen, what an amazing difference you’ve made… Wow, maybe I should take a leaf out of your book or Sharon’s???
    cheers – Faye

  4. Wow how far are you from CA???? lol It looks great, you did an awesome job and it’s very inspiring for me to get into my sewing room again and do the same! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Looking fantastic, WELL DONE! Oh, how I envy you that craftroom!

    My DH is similar. When I told him my stash was worth about £1000 all in, he gaped in amazement and chuckled.=)

  6. Good for you, I envy the result. I did this two years ago without the weighing as we emptied the rooms for renovating. I belonged to Stashbusters, a Yahoo group aiming to reduce the stash and get free of UFOs. It certainly helped a lot.

    Now I know what I have, too much of fabric but haven’t bought anything that I don’t konw what to use it to. And only one really eternal UFO left,a mariner’s compass…

    Enjoy your room!

    Helina tytar

  7. Good job Maureen!! Do you think when you need something now that you will know where it is???Debbie

  8. Thanks Ktj, I think it looks great too.

    LOL Do you think I am any different Norma? Already I can’t find several things and wonder if organized chaos is preferable, though this way certainly looks better.. I’ll have to re-learn where things belong.

    How long will it last Faye…
    Guess who spent $s on fabric and beads today.
    The fabric was 1/2 price and is meant to be the background for a UFO quilt.

    Candi I love to help others clean up and see what they have in their stash….but not this week LOL

    Elisabeth most DHs smile because they know we are crazy and humour us. RAFL

    Helina, now I know how much the stash increases I might remember not to buy TOO much without reducing as well. I love the Mariner’s compass but it looks too fiddly for me.

    No Debbie as I said earlier, I have already mislaid stuff. Problem is a tidy room and an untidy mind.

  9. Hi, I like the way you describe the mess you had 🙂 It looks very tidy now, I hope you can find everything you need. It looks if you have much more space to work now. Nice!

  10. What fun to see your work space, Maureen, and to see your works in context, where they actually reside. I loved seeing your dolls again, and the portrait of you by your daughter. You’ve provided me a great entertainment this morning! Thanks.

  11. Wonderful job! It looks like it is so well done you will have no problems keeping it organized. Thanks for the inspriation!!

  12. Your workspace certainly looks good now – I hope your creativity levels are high all year because of the clean out- I quite enjoyed my blitze!

  13. What a wonderful bright and open place to create. Good for you! I loved seeing the transition. Now I want to go organize something…………

  14. Congratulations on all that hard work. I hope it stays pristine longer than my last effort did.

    Have you tried one of the magnetic pin pick up sticks. Quiite fantastic. I got mine online from Chocolate Coated of Bairsndale. Picks up the whole pincushion and would be very easy to sweep over the floor with at night.

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