Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 26, 2007

The Fairy Party



Last month my sister turned 90 and my 4 DDs gave a party for her. The theme was ‘fairies’ and she was to be Queen for the day. There were 80 people there and many were women to whom she had been a Boss. Being conscientious, she was strict but fair and we did wonder what these ‘girls’ and their DHs would think about something so frivolous as a fairy party. We had no need for worry because even the DHs threw themselves into the spirit of the party and dressed in an appropriate fashion…they even thanked us for inviting them and said they wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Fairy Queen for a Day

The girls made miniature invitations and dreamed up games to play…Musical Mushrooms, etc., The games were not needed as there were no dull moments needing to be filled.
Catherine made Ellie’s costume and I sewed countless flowers on the skirt hem. I even got to try it on and you’ll find a pic of me somewhere in it. My No.3 DS made a special chair for his aunt, like a Judge’s Chamber chair. It took some hefting up the staircase.
Jen festooned chiffon from the ceiling and it looked a treat looking up the stair from the front door. All 4 girls baked for the day and my other sister Pat supplied the Birthday cake. Her picture is above with Ellie.


Catherine also made a miniature postal box for mini fairy letters, which the guests were asked to write and post. It was thought that after such an event Ellie may feel a bit flat and would have something nice to look forward to, by opening them next day.
It was great to see the women lining up and eager to join in the fun.
Ellie really did enjoy reading all the nice comments about the party.


The guests, on departure, were handed a Loot Bag by my son-I-L. Inside this were a biro, home-made soap, home-made chocolates, Kleenex tissues, Belly button cleaner, a teabag in a packet, a small toy. Rob refused to give me one as he declared me to be a family member and not a guest. I harassed him for over a week before he gave in and handed me a Loot Bag.
What I got was a used teabag in a bit of folded card, the inner section of a biro, a peg, broken teddy bear, a sweet covered in fur and wrapped, left over soap ends, tissues with one crushed up and for the Belly Button cleaner I got a lollypop with “Just lick and dab” on it. A real comedian my SiL

And don’tcha hate it when your gorgeous younger sister wears your best clothes?



This is DS 3 who made the ‘Throne’ for his aunt, his outfit and bejeweled walking stick. BelowDS are my girls, sister andGKs. I think I have run out of alloted space.







  1. Oh Maureen, what a cracker of a party that seems to have been… How wonderful for you all to be together on this happy occasion.
    hugz – Faye

  2. that sounds like so much FUN!! I would never have thought of a costume party for adults.. but now that you mention it – I might ask for one myself.. such cute and priceless pictures.. I was impressed that men actually participated too!

  3. Maureen, you sure know how to have fun! I bet your family has fun like this often, and good for you! That’s why your sister is so youthful and active at 90, no doubt.

  4. Maureen, what fun!
    Wow turning 90, how wonderful.
    and may there be many more to come!

  5. What an amazing group of people you are!!! That sounded like soooooo much fun!

  6. […] Andrew by Catherine.  Cath has incorporated Andrew’s creations of a pinata (green one-eyed guy), walking sticks,wooden biro cover (only part seen),musical instrument, clock and the large Judge’s chair, which he made for my sister’s 90th birthday party. […]

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