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A gift for me

Recently I was very surprised to receive the loveliest card from Queenie of the Sunday Stitch School.
My health has been a little off – now 100% again, and so I am quite late in posting this wonderful card.

I call her Carin.  I took a side view of her as the front on view doesn’t give the depth of the face which is about 1/½ cm deep.  Her Chain stitched permed hair suits her.

If you click on the photo, Carin’s skin colouring is more true to the card.  I cropped the card to get a closer view of the stumpwork.

Thank you Queenie.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 19, 2018

No 80- Corded Bar, an experiment

I wondered how this stitch would work if I crossed the first.  I left part of the first bar without wraps(centre) but found it looks better with 2 normal bars.  Here are 2 Crossed Bars.  It sits nicely ,  I think I need another camera for better details.

Thanks Queenie for another very nice stitch.  The lesson can be found here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 15, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – a few lessons

Two stitches I forgot to add with the last post. A combination of No. 79 Crown stitch on No. 78, Interlaced Chain.

I used a thick soft thread for the chain, laced it with a glitzy DMC thread and the crown was made with a fine wool.





The top row of stitches again shows No. 79 Crown stitch and the lower one is No. 80,Corded Bar stitch.

Both very easy stitches and the bar looks good however it’s placed.

Playing with the Corded Bar on plain cloth.  Orange thread is 2 plies of DMC, White is a 2ply wool, the blue a single ply of some silky thread and the pink a 4 ply knitting cotton.

An extra lesson was learned after seeing the photo.  Make sure to use the correct marking pen.  I accidently used a biro (shudder) instead of my Frixon pen that fades with the heat of an iron.

More Corded Bar on my CQ block.








Almost missed this one.  another Crown  on plain cloth,this time in a quite thick silky thread- no idea what it could be.


Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 1, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – lesson 78

Today we have Interlaced Chain stitch worked on Aida cloth.  So easy to create.  It’s the very best chain I’ve ever made. The interlacing was also easy and I think looks good here.  Threads used were blue perle 8 foundation of chains and variegated perle 8 interlacing.

This time I experimented on plain cloth and bending the lines.  I found working into the curve was a bit fiddly but outgoing was no bother.

I guess having it worked in a hoop didn’t help but I needed that for stability.

Threads for this were oddments.  The pink has little twist and no sheen.  The blue, a fine twist cotton with gold thread entwined.

The base of the last one is like string but softer and the yellow is a bit of Brazilian thread – maybe Lola.

To see the method, please visit Queenie’s blog

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 25, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – No. 76 Tied Herringbone




No. 76 Tied Herringbone is an easy mix of Herringbone and Coral stitches.
On the Aida cloth  sampler I used perle 8 threads and for the blue CQ block I used 3 strands of DMC in 2 shades of blue.

You can find the easy instructions for this stitch combination at Queenie’s Sunday Stitch School

I wondered why this stitch was familiar and found I had done it some years ago through Sharon’s Stitch Modules.   I remember the first 4 modules were free.
It was then called Coral Knotted Herringbone stitch.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 24, 2018

Sunday Stitch School- No. 76. Loopy flower stitch

This lesson was tricky to hold and I’m not happy with my results but here are the first two. It took two goes to get the top one.




I tried several ways to hold the loops while stitching them down but none worked for me.  I used Perle 8 thread on Aida.  For the second effort, I actually used the wrong end of a crochet needle and laid the sewing needle on it, winding the thread around both and then with my face screwed up as I concentrated,   my fingers tightly holding the utensils,   I tilted the needle and pushed it through and down into the fabric.  Not remotely as it should have been done but it is a bit firmer than the first one.

This I am happy with.  I used a hand-dyed wool thread that was about the thickness of one strand of the perle 8.(there are 2)  I’m wondering if the rough texture of the wool helped hold the loops together while I caught them to the fabric.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 7, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – lesson 75. Maidenhair Fern stitch

This is my school lesson, Maidenhair fern stitch.  I had thought it was another name for Feather stitch but now see it has 3 fronds rather than two.  It is very easy to stitch on Aida, with perle 8 cotton.
The name made me think of a Ginko leaf so I tried that using a single strand of DMC rayon.
My PC was down for a week, so I couldn’t find a picture of the Ginko leaf.  A bit ugly, so I tried again with the black one.
Goodness these photos are larger than I expected.
Again this is my version.



A bit of doodling with the last one made me think this would work for a Christmas tree.

The green threads were DMC rayon and the black, 2 strands of black DMC cotton.

The stitch lesson can be found at Queenie’s blog here,

Thank you Teacher.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 21, 2018

Sunday Stitch School. Stitches 72,73 and 74

I have been away for several weeks but am now up to date with my SSS stitches.

Some interesting stitches lately, from Queenie

The top row is No 72. Sham Hem stitch.  I used a navy perle thread for the Herringbone part and wove a purple Brazilian thread around the points.

The second row shows No 73,  God’s Eye.  The long tailed cross is in yellow perle 8 and the weaving in pink perle 8 also.
The third row is No 74- Boucle.  I had trouble with this fiddly stitch, keeping it neat.  I used variegated perle 8   Perhaps I should give it another chance to behave for me.

Here is  the Sham Hem on a CQ block.  Again I used Brazilian thread but it tended to untwist.  Maybe I had the thread back to front to cause this.

I do like the God’s Eye stitch.  Perle 8 was used for all patterns.

I just crossed the green at the centre and added arms at the outer edge.  I wove the middle part first.

The red/green one had the long legs almost touching in the middle and when I wove the 4 outer edges I found it looked like there was a 5th weaving.  There was none.

I’m sorry the photos are not so good.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 26, 2018

More Twisted Fly

I can imagine many ways to use the Twisted Fly stitch.

On the left side, I made a Woven Rose and French Knots with coral crochet thread- for the Twisted Fly stitch stem, I used a 4mm silk ribbon and overlaid it with another TFly of 2 strands DMC thread.

Next is some Wheat.  Pink crochet thread and pearl beads.  I placed 2 beads on the working thread and separated them as I stitched the TFly in the normal manner.
The 3rd sample is just pairs of Buttonholes with the long legged Twisted Fly…(sometimes I have made buttonhole sides exposing a short piece of narrow silk ribbon.)

The 4th lavender.  2mm or 4mm silk ribbon can be used -with the TF added as I went lower. I made the last 3 stems longer.

Bottom left is my favourite, as I can see this design as a one direction row, Alternating, in a square, back to back or facing.  It would work as the intersection of a formal garden path.  and of course flowers could be added.

The last versions were experiments too.  The diamond ones are not lined up very well.
What I did find was I should have made the twisted part longer to plump the stitch up.  Mine are tiny and look tight in most.  I’ve made a note to myself for future use.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 24, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – a little more

No 71. Twisted Fly stitch. More experimenting. Easy to do. Fun!

I used the one stitch for this underwater scene.
Some stitches have alternating tails. Threads used were green crochet and variegated Cottage Garden Threads.

Queenie’s Sunday Stitch School link to learn this stitch is here


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