Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 24, 2017

A year’s sketches

The cyclamen was from my potted plant; poor thing was not far from expiring, hence the different coloured damaged petal.

the Kingfisher..hmm..forgotten what weekly magazine that came from.

The original dog was by Megan Roberts in the Australian Artist magazine.   It’s name should be Bonnie, which I misread.

I used Caran D’Ache watercolour pencils for all.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 24, 2017


The Applemint is complete.  The only part to give me grief was the wired leaves. It has been many years since I did this and found it very fiddly at the beginning of the leaf tips.

I muddled the centre of the right leaf, whipped that part and now it’s ugly..  sometime I will replace it.
The rest of the project was a breeze.  DMC threads were used.  plain greens and variegated.

The 3 long flowers were embroidered on spare cloth, cut around a very fine border, tucked under and stitched down.




This is the pattern for the flower heads.  As it’s an inch high and that’s the largest one, you can imagine how narrow the seam is….   I tripled it.

My next embroidery will be the Olive..nothing hard there.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 14, 2017

Chives – finished

I finally finished the Chives. I put it aside in September ’16 as I was between cataract ops and found it difficult to see properly.  All good now.

The  chives were part of a set in Sachiko Morimoto’s stumpwork book.  The work is done with DMC threads and the stitches used were Straight, Detached Chain, Open base Woven Picot,Stem, French Knots and Corded Detached Buttonhole stitch.

I will be working on the rest of the flowers soon.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 13, 2017

A Year’s sketching

After drawing the Cheese factory I decided to see if I could draw my own barn and this was the result.  I used a 2B pencil.






  and my effort from Meaghan Roberts original.  I used Caran D’Ache watercolour pencils.

I loved the bright colours in her painting.  The kookaburra was also from Meaghan’s collection of paintings in the Artists magazine.  I’m not sure where I found the wren.  Again I used the Caran D’Ache pencils.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 10, 2017

Sunday Stitch School

I have returned to the Sunday Stitch School after a long absence.

Queenie completed the Alphabet stitches and is continuing with further stitches.  The link to the earlier session can be found here    and the current one here .
No 27.  Buttonholed Buttonhole stitch is the first row.  I used a fine wool for this.


and here I muddled the next two stitch places so they are back-to-front.
No 29. is Madame Totsuka’s Loop stitch.  I experimented with different spaces between the loops.  Yellow perle thread
No 28. is the Half Bullioned Chain stitch..a bit wobbly .    Pink perle thread
No 30. Holbein stitch.  I followed Queenie’s idea of 2 different colours so it would not be confused with Back Stitch on my sampler. I used 6 strands DMC thread. It can create a lovely pattern in single colour when turned in various ways.

No 31.Braid stitch.  Covering head in embarrassment as I totally failed to manage the braiding, no matter the threads used or time taken.  I viewed Queenie’s visual tutorial and Mary Corbett’s visual and video.  Each of these was well done but I kept getting tangled and finally gave up….on the ‘to do’ list down the track.
No 32. Chinese Cross.  A simple stitch that can be attractively arranged.  I must use this one more.
No 33. Chinese Knot.  A hoop was used, as suggested.  On the right half I made the loops from loose to firm, as I’d imagined the stitch would work well as a delphinium, or foxglove..   Mine’s to be viewed on it’s side.
No 34. Japanese stitch. I think this would have many uses in embroidery.
No 35. Outline stitch. I used a fine ‘Z’ cord for this.  The stitches on the  first half of the line are slightly longer than the last half.  This is not Stem stitch.   Queenie shows the difference between the ‘S’ and ‘Z’ threads and the method of holding the thread.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 9, 2017

A Year’s sketches

I’ve been practising with watercolour paints.  I’ve so much  yet to learn about mixing colours.

The pardalotes in the gum tree are a bit faint. I was inspired by a painting in an Artist magazine. The artist is Meaghan Roberts.

The gum flowers on the right was an experiment by me to use a fan shaped brush to try and get some detail for the blossoms.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | July 16, 2017

A Year’s sketches

I was challenged to do a still life and though I see heaps of things that need improving, I’m pleased with the result.

I drew this at night with a florescent globe above/behind my head.






so I tackled another, of a bowl the following morning with the sun behind my shoulder.  Again, there are things to learn from this.  tones, directions of movement.






I forgot to note where I found this sketch.  I like to credit the originator but can’t at the moment. I know I put more colour into it.

Uhmm.. only when it’s done and posted do I notice mistakes.  A glaring one is the man’s leg walking on the wall side.  Just another learning curve.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | July 14, 2017

A Year’s Sketches

The first is when Alice quotes ‘You are Old Father William’ to the Caterpillar.  I like to credit the original artist but can’t find one for this – it’s different in style to Sir John Tenniel’s.  As usual I copied it

I coloured the sketch of the mini daffodils I posted earlier.
my own work.




Another Sir John Tenniel by me.  I used Caran d’Ache museum aquarelle pencils for all today’s postings.


Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | July 13, 2017

A Year’s Sketching

I’ve been slow posting lately, so it’s time to change that.

The original sketch was by Alfred Wainwright and though I tried to keep the building as close as possible I didn’t stick to all the background as it was.

Pen work.  As usual I use a 2B pencil before I add the ink lines.  It’s very soothing to just draw lines.






Pooh and the honey tree.   Faber Castell pencils used here.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | July 7, 2017

A Sketch a day

It’s been a while since I last posted but my books are filling up nicely. They are dated but out of order as I use whatever pad/book or paper is to hand…I think I am hooked.

The top is the actual card I copied from. (Original by Enid Duffell). I find it easy to draw with a pencil (2H at the moment) and over sketch with the archival ink.03 pen.
Each drawing shows me picking up differences between the originals and my work, which is a good learning curve. I definitely use the eraser far less now.

I thought this was posted on the 28th June but found yesterday that it was not visible so I have redone the page.

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