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1 Year’s Stitches – Robin

I found another Inspirations magazine Christmas project by Jenny McWhinney that has a Robin in a frame.  The frame was Stem Stitched with a single DMC gold metallic thread and needed slooow stitching so it did not snag.

The robin also was done with single strands of DMC – not in the official colours.  I’ve too many threads of all kinds to buy more, so I’m trying for the best matches.

The magazine was No.80 and published in 2013



Looking a little better.  When I complete the work and use an iron on those Frixon pen blue marker lines they will disappear.
Long and Short stitch for the body, Straight stitch for the tail, eye brow and highlight and a French Knot for the eye itself.
The leaf veins were stem stitched.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 10, 2017

1 Year’s stitches – Elf 6

Sparkles is the last of the set by Jenny McWhinney, in the Inspirations magazine No.92.

I forgot that each elf had his own name.

Again I altered some parts.  Instead of a thread candle, I used a long white plastic bugle bead.  I threaded a copper wire inside it and stitched this down-forming a bend at the top for the flame.  I then wove DMC Jewel Effects thread around that part and did some French Knots and Straight stitches..ohhh, those FKs didn’t like the tinsel type thread but it all adds to the shine I guess.
I Couched a string of fine red beads to the hat and another on the top.

I began the Long/short stitch with Buttonhole at the jacket hem for a neat edge. 99% of the work is Long/short stitch.
Bullion fingers, Black Backstitch and Padded Satin stitch for facial features   Single strands of DMC were used throughout.  I estimated that about 5 hours work was needed for each elf.  Surprising me, as I felt very little time had passed.

I am going to miss these cute fellows.  I’m still wondering how I can display them..singly or en masse.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 9, 2017

1 Year’s Stitches – Elves 5 + 6

Oops!  I forgot to post Elf 5.
It is still the same recipe for stitching- Long and short mainly, Bullions for fingers and Straight stitching for the tree and eyes- Backstitch for mouth. Buttonhole for ears.
Couching for the hat trim and tree trunk. Satin stitch for the jacket collar and French knots for buttons.

Single DMC strands are used throughout, except for the couched hat trim- gold DMC Jewel Effects – and 6 DMC strands for the tree trunk.






Elf 6.  face and hat.  All the faces are stitched the same way but tend to have their own ..personality?  I still have to add a padded nose and cheeks to this elf.
Welcome visitors for 2 days at home did halt the stitching but I’m catching up quickly now. I should have more to see later today.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 4, 2017

1 Year’s Stitches – Elf 4

Another happy little fellow to join the group.  There are instructions but no definite stitch pattern, which gives an individual look to the elves.  I have changed some things though.

The base of the jacket was meant to be sequined- I used a Maderia polyester braid.  The bauble was also to be made with sequins but I used one larger one, poked a larger hole, then used a single strand of  DMC Jewel Effects thread to hold it down..  The thread zings in real life.  The fingers are Bullions on all elves.

I did Long/short stitch for the jacket and boots but I stem stitched the trousers, which I prefer.
The green scarf? was Satin stitched and the boots Backstitched with purple.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 31, 2017

1 Year’s stitches – Elf 3 complete

I’ve completed the remaining areas

Sequins to jacket and hat took about 12 minutes.
Holly, pudding and hand= 40 minutes- Long an short stitch for the pudding and Straight for the holly, Colonial Knots for the cherries and sultanas in the pudding.

Ears=8 minutes
Finishing the last of the dark red boot =10 minutes
Snow.  Not much finesse to this but I was using up short lengths of white, so = 10 minutes.

The total elf took 4 hours 40 minutes. Twice I forgot to begin timing so my estimate is not exact but near enough.

Each elf would be different.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 30, 2017

1 Year’s stitches- Elf 3

I felt the elves were stitched quickly but had been asked how long it takes for one.

I’m timing the stitching now.  The face is fiddly to do, being about 1 and a 1/2cm- a little larger than my thumbnail.  This took 1 hour 31 minutes. Unreal!

Here is where I am up to at present.






He is a very colourful fellow.

Again, most of the work I did with Long and Short stitch;

Cheeks and nose- Padded Satin stitch; – 15 mins (I think)
Black Back stitched features=8 mins
Hat = 24 minutes – Stem stitch
Jacket=  Stem stitched -1 hour, 5 mins
Collar (4 mins) and unfinished trouser legs(17 mins so far)- Buttonholed;
Stem stitch sleeve cuff; 1/2 minute
Long/short stitch =Light green sleeve= 10 mins.
Boot= mainly satin stitch with a bit of Long/short-15 mins
Total time so far is 3 hours.18 minutes.
I still feel it is quick to do.






Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 29, 2017

1 Year’s stitching

My second Elf is complete.The embroidery set original was created by Jenny McWhinney and published in the Inspirations No. 92 magazine.

Stitches used were Backstitch, Bullions=fingers, Buttonhole=ears, Couching= 6 strands for the cap edge, Padded Satin= cheeks and nose and the remainder, Long and Short stitch.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 27, 2017

A Year’s sketches

This sketch was originally made by Arthur Wainright who walked many miles through the National Parks of England —  The Lakes District, Yorkshire Dales and North York moors.  He was the originator of Coast to Coast walks that have been repeated by others on TV.

I love sketching from his works as they are relaxing to do.  I used a No.1 micron pen.  The work is 26cm x 37cm.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 27, 2017

A Year’s Stitches- Elf 2

Elf 2.

Easy post today.  All needlework is Long and Short stitched, except for the hat band which is 6 strands of DMC couched with a single thread.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 26, 2017

A Year’s Stitches. Elf 1 finished

I did the hand holding the light pole, differently.  The original instruction was to Stem stitch the pole up to the hand and re-start above the hand.  I preferred to use a gold, soft cord.  First I Long-short stitched the palm up to where the pole passed and added a Bullion stitched thumb.
I  used an invisible nylon thread to Couch the pole and added 3 Bullion fingers.

Don’t the Bullions look messy up very close? I enlarged the hand just in case anyone was interested in how I did it.  The blue is the transfer pen markings which will disappear when I touch it with a hot iron tip.


And here is the little fellow dressed up and ready to party.

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