Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 27, 2016

WIP – leaves and Watercress

Wired leavesI completed the pair of Viola leaves and the light green Watercress leaf.

Stitches used for the viola leaves are Satin, Stem and Straight and the pale leaf= Fly stitch.







WatercressNot much stitching time this week though I hope to finish this flower in the next few days.  I have only 4 leaves to add.   The dark leaf in the hoop will sit below the large leaf of the herb – then I Fly-stitch the top leaf and Needleweave the lower pair over the felt pieces…that’ll be very interesting.

I found the hardest part of this embroidery was to  keep the Satin stitching very neat over the padded/ threaded base of the main flower.   It did help to place the needle between the two threads when I satin stitched, rather than beside both….but.. just checking the enlarged version here, I may stitch another layer on the smaller flowers as they are looking a bit ragged.

Under the pod there are brown French Knot seeds.  The pod itself was made with Detached Buttonhole stitch.

I found at Wikipedia that Watercress is an aquatic plant species – it’s botanical name is Nasturtium officinale but  should not be confused with the quite different group of plants commonly called nasturtium, for which the botanical name is Tropaeolum.

I do know from personal experience, seeds, leaves and flowers of the nasturtium are edible.

Watercress is  one of the oldest known leaf vegetables eaten by humans.

That’s it for today, I’m off to search out some Christmas patterns and then read.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 20, 2016

WIP leaves

Leaf varietiesToday I’m working on several types of leaf.  It is easier to make several in the hoop and then cut them out, rather than waste fabric.   Also once one is cut out the tension is not good.


The 2 wired only leaves are for the Viola, the pale green for Watercress, the dark leaf is for the Chilli and the last is one that didn’t work out for the clover.

The hoop I’m using is a comfortable 4″ size and threads are DMC- 2 strands.    Each leaf is Satin stitched.

From top to bottom..  centres are =Back stitched;   Chain stitched and the lowest was Stem stitched.

Time for a cuppa and then back to the needle and threads.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 19, 2016

WIP – Dill finished

Herb- Dill

Herb- Dill

This is the 7th project of 19 in Sachiko Morimoto’s stumpwork book and was so easy.

There are also 8 projects where flowers are made into usable items that can be used as gifts.

The only parts I had to do at this point were the French Knot flowers and the assembly of the thin wired leaf.

I had to use a little drop of glue at the wire tips and wind 2 strands of thread around the length.

See?  Easy!



Dill – Anethum graveolens.   A herb used in many ways.  In cooking in soups; with meat or fish.   The list is varied and long.. it’s even supposed to be good for indigestion

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 19, 2016

WIP – Dill

This latest work  really is a Work In Progress and a very simple one.  The stem – 4 threads used- is made with Whipped Chain stitch.  It is lovely and rope-y to feel.

Second photo – Fly stitch leaves at the base,  Stem stitched flower stems and Straight stitches above.        The flower heads are to be French Knots  in 2 shades and I have yet to wire a small leaf to sit with the existing frond.

I didn’t know if you click on a photo 3 times it enlarges more.

Herb - Dill

Herb – Dill





Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 18, 2016

WIP- Clover finished

Another enjoyable embroidery finished.  Leaves made with Stem, Satin  and Straight stitches.  Flower stems (of course-😉 )Stem stitch but 2 colours of thread used.  I left inserting the wired leaf until last, so it wouldn’t foul the work.

The roots were done with Needleweaving and the clover heads were made with Detached Chain and a straight stitch and outer leaves with Bullion stitches.

As I’ve already started the next flower I’ll take a photo and post shortly.

Clover and wired leaf

Clover and wired leaf

Another leaf added

Another leaf added

Finished  work

Finished work

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 11, 2016

WIP Clover

Yesterday I traced all the flower patterns in the book by Sachiko Morimoto and sorted some threads for the Clover.  I’ve done the background of the plant and hope to get more done today, as from tomorrow I’ll be away for a few days.  I can take embroidery with me but doubt I’ll have the opportunity to stitch.

Without further ado, here’s today’s offering. Only Stem and Backstitch were used.

I can now see a bit of stem tweaking needs doing.

Clover base

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 9, 2016

WIP Santolini

My latest in line of flowers from Sachiko Morimoto’s book.

I found I had not left enough space between the flower heads and thought I could fudge it by adding extra sepal leaves, lower down… YUK!!  so I undid/re-did the two lower stems.  The stitches used were Chain stitch with Backstitch overlaid.  The ‘leaves’ are Thorn-stitched.           The main stem has dark thread chain with paler back-stitching while the outer stems are colour reversed.

The flowers are done with Turkey Knot and the lower heads were clipped.

The new work I think looks better and I left the lower heads loopy.

It is optional to leave looped or cut the loops.

For sure, Turkey Knot is not meant to fall apart.  It took patience  and gentle tickling to undo the flowers.                                                                   The first photo is the right colour.  Today is overcast and the latest photo is not the same.


Finished flower

Finished flower


First try of buds

First try of buds

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 7, 2016

WIP- Pokeweed





I lost the entire post by adding the word base to the first photo… WordPress didn’t like me editing it.

The first photo, obviously, is the base design .  It was done with Stem stitch and Chain stitch.

The finished plant was made with Basque stitch for the buds, small and large.  I used between 3 and 6 DMC threads for these buds.

The green berry was done with Satin stitch Thread-ring.

The flowers were done with Buttonhole stitch Thread-ring (which is very similar to Buttonhole Wheel Cup)……….. and French Knot centres.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 5, 2016

Flax flower- WIP

Flax flower

Flax flower





This would be the shortest Work In Progress I’ve ever done.  I’m happy with the result.

The Flax motif measures 8cm by  11cm and was stitched with DMC threads, mostly a single thread.   I was surprised buttonholing the wire was easy though it did take about 4 hours to complete all petals.

The work called for leaving an 0.3cm seam around the petals/single leaf – snipping and glueing the cloth under but I prefer to close-cut the edges and if necessary, use a colour pencil to tint the edges.  I did fold under and glue the leaf at the stem base.

There are 19 embroideries in Sachiko Morimoto’s stumpwork book and I aim to get as many as possible made.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | August 3, 2016

Work In Progress – Flax

This is my next flower embroidery from the book by Sachiko Morimoto.  I’m up to the stage of making the wired petals and leaves.  The blue petal shown here was meant to be slightly open buttonhole but I like it how it is.

The leaves are not blue but a really pale jade.

I have five petals to make for the top flower and two for the part done flower.  Back soon I hope with more.


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