Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | May 30, 2020

Sunday Stitch School No. 134 Slanted Blanket stitch

Just in time to hand in my work..

Perle Thread on Aida.  Easy to place the stitches with marked holes.


I used Cottage Garden Thread for this line.  Easy to see how the Aida is better, keeping the stitches the same.



This was the easiest of all three examples.  The slant seemed to arrive with no thought to the direction and finished quickly.  The colour tone is not correct as the yellow is the same as in the first one and the fabric in the second.  The daylight was not so good and that’s my excuse. :-)))

This stitch will be used often.  I’m looking forward to the next one.

The stitch  and directions can be found here at Queenie’s Sunday Stitch School.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | May 20, 2020

Sunday Stitch School. Nos. 131,132,133

I’ve used one section of my cloth for all three stitches.

The first No. 131, is Interlaced Cross, the squarish ones.  I don’t have the lovely curves that Queenie made but I can practise more.

The next is No. 132. Dandelion stitch and I tried them in a fine rayon green thread on the right, narrow silk ribbon , middle bottom and perle in yellow, top left…… one got away and wanted to climb the Singalese Chain ladder to the top.

The third stitch, No. 133 is, of course, Sinhalese Chain.



OOPS!  I stitched them in the wrong order.

These stitches are the same but on Aida fabric.  There is a little more curving in the Interlaces Cross.  Perhaps the sturdier fabric helped the thread to stay as it should.

All stitch “how to’s ” can be found here

It doesn’t seem possible I’ve worked 133 stitches from Queenie’s blog and most were new to me.  It’s good to have a visible reference to hand.  Thanks, Queenie.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | April 29, 2020

Sunday Stitch School – catch up

I seem to be running backwards lately but finally caught up with the last 6 stitches.  All interesting and after a little thought, for two of them, they were no bother.

Here they are on my Aida sampler.

No. 125 Carina’s Knot stitch..good for the centre of flowers…and no doubt has more potential

No. 126 Sydd Tofs stitch.  Very simple to create and it is cute at the end.  I can see several ways to add this to needlework.  The size can be varied.

No. 127 Amadeus stitch.  This needed thought to manage the twist and width placement but a joy once mastered.

No 128 Four Legged stitch.  Easy peasy!  I used perle thread for this stitch.

No 129 Olga’s Petal . After having mastered the Amadeus stitch this was easy and I love both.




As these stitches were worked on different cloths I will point them out in numerical order.
The yellow flowers on the left photo are
No. 125 Carina’s Knot, which can look like an eye depending on how it’s used.
No. 126 Sydd Tofs are easy to see on the right photo a rabbit tail.
No. 127 Amadeus stitch in purple thread.  The placement was not as easy on plain cloth as it was on Aida.  I used a removable marking pen here.
No. 128 Four Legged stitch – on the right side -this time with silk ribbon
No. 129 Olga’s Petal stitch..  Our teacher had a coloured cloth in the centre of her Petal.  Very pretty.
No. 130 Antwerp Edging. In blue at the bottom of the left photo.
…hmm, I blame myself for not concentrating on this little stitch but finally, after frustrating minutes, got it right.  I’d been using the needle movement upside down.

Thanks Queenie for the great lessons.

If anyone is interested in learning any of the stitches, here is the link.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | March 3, 2020

Sunday Stitch School – a few lessons

I finally have my last 3 stitches to the posting stage.  Too many current projects interferring.

No. 122 is the Needle Weaving Bar. An interesting way to make this one and the lesson can be found at Queenie’s Sunday Stitch School 


Here is the stitch again at the bottom of the leaves.  It can be twisted or rolled as the tip is free until you stitch through the cloth.









And the third time on Aida cloth.
No. 123 Indian Edging stitch is on the second row

No. 124  Laced Wheel stitch is the last one.  This is a joy to make and lovely too.  Lessons for all three stitches can be found at the above link.

I like using perle 8 on Aida as it sits nicely. ..anything that does not is my fault


Both examples on the left are Indian Edging.  The yellow does not show up well in the photo – and the squares, well they aren’t too square are they?





Last one for the day.  This is my favourite, Laced Wheel stitch




The heart is an old work but the center called for a filling so I added the Laced Wheel

I am now up to date with my Sunday Stitch School lessons.  Wonder what the next stitch will be!

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | February 14, 2020

Sunday Stitch School No.121 Point á la Minute

The stitch worked well on Aida cloth and it was easy to do.I used a variegated perle 8 thread.








I fancied using this fabric for the extra embroidering.  Without the assistance of Aida holes, the work is definitely not as neat.. but overall, I like it.  I used a crochet thread, I think size 12….oops label lost.

Queenie’s lesson can be found on her blog here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 27, 2020

Sunday Stitch School – Magic Split stitch

No. 120  Magic Split stitch.  This makes a neat line and also curves well.  The blue/yellow perle threads are the same thickness.
In the second photo  I used a fine yellow crochet cord and a slightly thicker cotton blue thread.  Both lines behaved very well.  I think I will use this one more often.

Queenie has her Sunday Stitch School lesson here.

Thank you Teacher, for another useful and very nice looking stitch.

No new stitch today as Teacher is viewing the Tokyo Quilts.  What an absolute delight this must be.


Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 18, 2020

Sunday Stitch School No.119

This week we have No.119 Alternating Magic Split stitch.  The first is on Aida cloth using perle threads.  The instructions for the stitch are clear and easy to follow.

The second sample is curved and again was stitched with perle threads.



For the third sample I used DMC threads.  The perle threads sits better during the pulling through the chain, than the softer threads, I found.


and the last one the heart.  I worked both sides from top to bottom to get neater points.  My perle ‘go to’ box was again used.

Queenie’s Sunday Stitch School lesson for this pretty stitch can be found here

I hope you give the stitch a tryout.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 10, 2020

Sunday Stitch School Lazy Daisy Picot

No.118 Lazy Daisy Picot stitch worked on Aida with Perle 5 thread.  The twisting of the chains make me think of Celtic knots.



I tested it out with a circle.  I had to lighten the colour as it was so deeply rich the knots were almost invisible.  Easier to see now.
I used double strands of a fine wool, which I dyed some time ago with a daughter.  I was the one learning.





The third sample I tried as leaves, with perle 5 thread and for the flowers I used 2 strands of Cottage Garden variegated Thread.

Enjoyable to do.

Thank you Queenie for yet another different, interesting and easy stitch.

For anyone interested in needlework samples, please visit Queenie’s lessons for all 118 stitches…so far.

The Home blog is well worth seeing also.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 3, 2020

Sunday Stitch School. lesson No.117

I have 3 samples of French Knotted Chain stitch today.  The first is on Aida cloth just simple groupings with Perle 8 thread.

For the pink version I used a pink crochet which was a little thicker than the green crochet thread.   Easy and fun

The third version was stitched with a thicker knitting cotton .  I worke, from the top down, a row with a long FKC, and next to it a shorter one so the row was up and down.
I then made a second row over this and than a third row.

For the base of the flower I used a no.12 crochet thread doubled to get a good filling..same French Knotted Chain stitch.  The stem and leaves are also the FKC stitch.

This stitch is addictive and good fun.  I used a removable ink pen but see my iron did not remove all the marks. I can do it later but not here.

Queenie’s lesson for this lovely stitch can be found here

at the bottom of the page.  I hope everyone tries it.  it is not hard at all.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | December 12, 2019

Sunday Stitch School. No 116 Woven Long Tail Chain stitch

Today’s stitch is a combination of 3 Long Tail Chains which are then woven.  Using Perle 8 on Aida I thought the purple would work well but found it blends too much into the work and so the weaving is not seen.   On the last two I used 6 strands of DMC yellow so the weaving IS seen.


On cloth I used a variegated crochet thread- I’ve lost the band with the thread thickness but it’s either 10 or 20.  This worked very well.

Having a good thread twist there was no snagging while weaving.

I found I could keep the weaving tidier when I had the working needle threaded and a second empty one to lay between the threads so the first could pass through easier.

I’m hoping in the new year to play more with this stitch.

The lesson for the stitch can be found here

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