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Sunday Stitch School No 65. Rosette stitch Rose

Rosette stitch Rose is another simple stitch.  I’ve used yellow perle 8 thread on Aida



this time I worked the stitch on a CQ block and added some Fly stitching with blue wool  and green/blue twisted cotton.

This stitch can be found here


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Sunday Stitch School Nos. 61-64

No. 61. Raised Fishbone stitch -Though I attempted the Raised Fishbone stitch  many times I could not work it on Aida, so did a sample on plain cloth.









No 62. Pearl stitch- quick and easy and has a nice appearance.

Perle thread on Aida



No 63. French Knotted stitch – I made a sample on Aida first and it too was easy and neat.

No 64. Madame Totsuka’s Tasselled Chain stitch – A delight to make and see on both Aida and fabric.  Again perle thread on Aida.





I also stitched some on a CQ block that had never been embroidered. From top are Raised Fishbone stitch, below- Pearl stitch, French Knotted stitch. . to the left is Petal stitch which I did on opposite sides of the line and lastly, Madame Totsuka’s Tasselled Chain stitch.

Each was easy to do on cloth.

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Petal stitch experiment

Having done Queenie’s Petal stitch I decided to play with the stitch and came up with what looks like an Alternating Up and Down version.  I worked from left to right.  Again, it was easy to do.  I only had to remember if the petal was at the bottom, the next linear stitch began below the last and if the petal was above, the next linear stitch was above.

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Sunday Stitch School – no. 60 Petal stitch

Petal stitch is a very easy and quick stitch.  As usual I use Perle 8 thread on Aida for the Sunday Stitch Schoolwork.

I curved the stitch in the next photo..really easy again, so I worked a back to back row traveling in the opposite direction.  This was even faster as I had the previous petals to align with.  This will make great fern leaves.  The flower centres are very small and a bit untidy.  I used fabric for this one.  Queenie’s   lesson can be found here

Deepa also has a version here 

which is worked on cloth not Aida.





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Sunday Stitch School – Nos.57,58,59

No 57. Figure 8 Knot. The white thread of my previous try for this stitch was a bit loose as it moved if touched, so I tried again with various threads.

The red was done with Edmar Brazilian ‘Frost’
The blue- Perle 8
Yellow – 6 DMC threads
Grey – crochet thread
Gold-  I think it may be knitted.  I know it unravels if pulled. It sits well but loses definition because of the shine.  Does that make sense?

No. 58 Twisted Shell
Working curves with this stitch is great. No problem keeping the tension or placement.
I found I needed to keep a tension on the straight version. I held the twisted part and tightened the second movement before continuing.
No. 59 Knotted Running stitch.  What a lovely, quick and pleasing stitch this is.

The link to Queenie’s latest stitch can be found here

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Sunday Stitch School – No.57 Figure 8 Knot stitch

Queenie’s lesson comes from the  Totsuka Embroidery Stitch Book 3 Arrangement.    Easy to do but mine is a bit wobbly.

I played with the stitch  in a ‘pile-em-on’ fashion with 3 French Knots included.

Short class today.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | April 12, 2018

Sunday Stitch School – catch up

An even longer post today.  You may need tea or coffee.  My apologies for the way WordPress insists on doing their own thing in placing photos and text.  In the draft it’s perfect but not always when published.

No.22 Vault stitch
23. Whipped Running…2 rows
24 X ray stitch
25. Y stitch
26. Zig-zag stitch





27.Buttonholed Buttonhole
28 and 29 are back to front.
29. is Madame Totsuka’s Loop stitch and
28. Half Bullion Chain stitch
30. Holbein
31.  was to be Braid stitch.  I followed Queenie’s lesson, Mary Corbett’s video both of which were well explained but  even so, I could not make the thread stay in a decent arrangement.  Scratched from my ‘to do’ list forever.
32. Chinese Cross
33. Chinese Knot
34. Japanese stitch
35. Outline stitch
36. Roumanian stitch

37. Hungarian stitch … 2 rows
38. Bosnian stitch

I later removed a row of stitches which belonged to a different sampler
39. Granitos stitch
40. Du Vos stitch..2 rows
41. Thorn stitch
42. Rambling Rose





No. 43 Moss stich
44. Mille Fleur
45. Leaf stitch
46. Corded Coral stitch.. 2 rows
47. Two Sided Insertion stitch…small area at left is how the reverse side of the work looks.
48. Detached Up and Down Buttonhole
49. Colonial Knot
50. Bayeux
51. Tent stitch
52. Underside Couching stitch



53. Sword Edging
54. Tramming stitch
55. Tailors Buttonhole -versions
a-Blanket stitch
b-Mary Thomas Dictionary of Embroidered Stitches
c- Embroidery Stitch Bible
d-Readers Digest Book of Embroidery
e-Japanese called Shishu (hardest for me)
f-Japanese Kiso-no-stechi (best of all)
56. Twisted Chain-Detached version

and a few examples of the last stitch.  I used green and variegated Perle 8, a brownish heavy rayon, green fine rayon and chenille.

Hooray! I’m up to date at last.


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Sunday Stitch School

I have been absent from School but have finally caught up with my homework.  I will add group photos
from the First Day of school, which should be easier to follow.
Stitches numbered from 1 to 21.  I’ll add more tomorrow

1. Anundsjo stitch
2. Back stitch
3. Cross stitch
4. Danish Knot
5. Ermine stitch
6. Four sided stitch
7. Gate stitch
8. Heavy chain
Nos 9. and 10. are back to front…
9. is Japanese stitch (pink and purple threads)and
10. is Interlaced Running
11. Knotted Satin stitch
12.  I failed Lace stitch though I tried many times.
13. Mountmellick
14. Norwich stitch
15. Open Chain
16. Punchetto Valsesiano
17. Q stitch
18. Renaissance stitch
19. Satin stitch Outline
20. Tete de Boeuf
21. Upright cross.


I discovered I made an error regarding stitch 12-Lace stitch.  I had done it, separately, later but not posted it.

White on white is difficult to see well, so I enlarged it.



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A Year’s sketching

I’ve been practising tonal values over the weekend and I’m happier with this result.  It’s handy having offspring who can draw and give their mum some tips.  Being black and white I can’t tell if they are Egrets or Herons
Of course, I used a picture for the study.

I used Faber Castell pencils HB and 4B and a rubbing stick, which I’d never used before…well I have used a cotton bud but the fine tip on the stick reaches into narrow areas and still keeps the line pretty straight.

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Around home







I’m really pleased to say the fruiting season is over for 2018. At the top are the last picked nectarines and below this are some of the fruits preserved.
The dark fruit on the left had been made into chutney, the center, right to the back, shows stewed nectarines and on the right side are the yellow clingstone peaches

These are only 2  of the very many bags of frozen nectarines.  I have boxes and lots more bags in the freezer.  Not much room for anything else.
I’m so glad I found the tip for slicing and open freezing before placing the fruit into bags and back into the freezer until needed.  I’ve run out of containers so this method suited me.



and the very last tree to be stripped was the apple.  Over 60 – that is a wide/deep bowl.  Most are small this year but taste sooo good.  They last well too.  I made one pie so far- maybe more (if I can  make room in that freezer).

All our trees were grown by my DH, from seed, so I don’t know what type the apple is.





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