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Sunday Stitch School- catch up

I had not realized how long it has been since I posted my stitches. Lots of things happening on the home front slowed me down and I’ve discovered I have not made Stitch No 96 Buttonholed Fly. I decided to post those I’ve completed and do the missing one later today.

No 97. Threaded Satin stitch. I worked around a lace flower with Cottage Garden thread and added French knot for the centre.

No. 98 Sprat’s Head I used 3 strands of DMC for this easy stitch.

No 99 Chemanthy 2nd version. I had trouble with this one and many mannny retrials. I’m still not happy with any and doubt it will be a favourite of mine.

These were done on Aida. Sprat’s head and Chemanthy,
and No. 100 Step stitch. a fun stitch. the top one is not correct. Like the lower one, it was meant to have the rungs the same colour as the chains but I like both.

Another Step stitch which I have on a crazy quilt block. I used 3 green strands of DMC for the sides and a medium thick cotton for rungs.
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Sunday Stitch School. No. 95

No. 95, Chemanthy stitch is another very easy stitch. Here I have done a half circle on Aida cloth with a cotton thread similar to a 2 ply wool

The only disappointment is my beginning and end as it is meant to be a full circle. I’ll be playing with this to see how to overcome the problem. Maybe I could begin the first stitch with the thread coming from the inner hole.

Here I have made a full circle on my needlebook cover.

WordPress is driving me Crazy since it has remodeled it’s layout. I am seriously thinking of moving to another program.

This Chemanthy circle was good to make also. Again the beginning/end, which is obvious, needs more thought to improve the appearance.
I sized the original photo to 110kb but a preview showed it 4 times the size now, I reduced the photo to 32kb and find this a perfect size for viewing.
Please pardon my grizzle over this frustration.
Grin… I’d much rather stitch.

The lesson for this stitch can be found here

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Sunday Stitch School No. 94

This is Smyrna stitch. So easy to do it becomes addictive. I have used a Cottage Garden Thread – Golden Elm for this sample.

This sample on Aida I stitched with perle 8 thread.

My third sample is on a CQ block that will become a needlebook. Again I used a Cottage Garden Thread – Plum Pudding.

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Sunday Stitch School No. 93 Rya stitch

This stitch has several names.  The one new to me is Rya.  I also know it as Ghiordes knot  and Turkey stitch.   I’ve used the stitch for doll hair.  It is a very easy stitch to do.
It also works for golden wattle, insect bodies, rabbit tails etc.,

I have used it on Aida cloth here with yellow perle 8.

and here, looking quite fuzzy, on a CQ piece it is stitched with a synthetic wool.  It doesn’t look so untidy in real life-  bad photography is to blame.
If you click on the photos they will enlarge.

The lesson for making the stitch can be found at Queenie’s Sunday Stitch School, here

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Chain stitching again. Page 4

The picture will enlarge if you click on it.

1.Turkman stitch
a. A single line in pink crochet thread.
b. Stitched back to back with 2 strands of olive DMC
c. Alternating placement with 3 strands of variegated DMC
d. A yellow box where the Turkman stitches are in-facing.
e. The stitches here are outward facing.
Stitches d and e,used 2 DMC strands of thread.

2.Open Chain infilled with continuous Chains for the top right circle, with silk ribbon Straight stitches and Pistil stitches for Fly stitch flowers.
3Beaded Butterfly Chain.
4. Rosette Chain
using a fancy loose woven braid.
5. Raised Chain 2 -rust coloured perle 8
6. Raised Chain 1 –
with hand dyed crochet thread.

7.Twisted Chain for grass with dyed crochet thread.
8. Chain stitch Pink flowers ..I liked the way the chain edges improve the look of the flower.  Whipped Chain and Detached Chain for the stems and leaves.
9. Fly stitch stem,  2 strands of Cottage Garden Thread for the Shell stitch flowers with Pistil stitches.
10. Cactus?? maybe if wider…..  Chain stitch and Detached Wheat Ear stitch .  Perle and a fine crochet thread used here.   The Wheatear stitch looked neat in an alternating horizontal placement too.  I didn’t take a photo of that..
11. Beehive. I couched a piece of fabric with Heavy Chain using perle 8 thread.
12. Bees.  I was shown how to do these years ago and forgot them.

Here’s how.
Body= black DMC  One Detached Chain stitch = 2 strands .. follow on with a French Knot for the head.
1 Straight stitch =2 strands….make 2 stripes in Yellow DMC
Wings- Detached Chains.  2 =I used a single strand of gold metallic thread but cotton would do.

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Sunday Stitch School lesson 92

No. 92 Parma stitch  is an interesting stitch and has a slightly raised surface.    On the Aida cloth I have used a hand dyed cotton thread for the surface stitching and a plain green thread for the base.

This is on a CQ piece and not so neat..perhaps because the chains are a little longer on this one.  I used fine twisted threads.
You can find directions for this here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | March 28, 2019

Chain stitch page 3

1.Waved chain.  3 stitches on the left.  This would work for trees, flowers, underwater. I used Cottage garden thread-Rosella and blue and green DMC threads.
2. Buttonholed Chain in cyclamen dyed crochet thread. Two versions- buttonholed both sides of the chain and one side only.
3.Triple Chain. Orange perle 8 and 4mmSilk ribbon
4. Zig-zag long Tailed chain. Orange beaded green Long Tailed chain
5. Beaded Long Tailed chains with woven centre and a partial sample of reversed Long Tailed chain…the heads are tucked against the Chain ring.
6.Picot Chain ring- crochet thread.  A  Fargo silk rose and Detached Chain leaves in the centre.
7. This is actually the first part of a Raised Chain Bar but I liked the look of this as it is.  I’m sure to find lots of use for it.
8. A dragon fly.  The body has 2 Detached chains overlapping.  I used 2 DMC threads for these and you may note, two colours. The head is a French knot and the tail Beaded Cable Chain.
The wings are Chain stitch with Herringbone inside.
9. The apricot DMC,Mouline 4210, was used for the Satin Threaded Chain stitch from the Anchor book of Crewelwork
10. The last sample is a continuous Detached Chain with DMC variegated thread.

All stitches, other than the Satin Threaded Chain can be found here

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Stitching with Chains again

My second page of Chain stitching.
1.The Christmas tree has a base of Chain stitches and the top is entirely made with Long Tail Chains.
I used a doubled fine metallic thread to make loose Chain across the width.  Easy peasy.

2. Alternate Twisted Chain stems and Detached Linked Chain flowers
3. Interlaced Cable Chain –  green perle and lacing with rayon thread
4. Small heart. Cable Chain-crochet cotton-Green metallic Straight stitches.
5. Cable Chain plain in pink perle thread                    6. Beaded Cable Chain-yellow perle
7. The large heart..Detached Linked Chains; Running Stitch both perle thread and Herringbone using Cottage Garden Thread.
8. Chain Stitch rose with Edmar ‘Nova’ thread; 2 Detached Chains for each bud and the stem was Whipped Chain in Edmar Bouclé
9. Crested Chain; Blue crochet thread Chain stitch circle and French Knots.
10. Beaded Long Tail Chains  (little hard to see the tails)in pink Edmar ‘Glory’ thread; Beaded Detached Chains.
11.Crossed Chain- Edmar ‘Lola’
12. Threaded Cable Chain. Only two chains in the middle are threaded both sides. Crochet cotton with wool threading.
13. Zig-zag Chain on ric-rac- 3 strands of Cottage Garden Thread
14. Heavy Chain- perle thread.
15. Long Tail Chain with silk ribbon and Beaded Detached Chains for leaves.

All stitches can be found at Pintangle here

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Sunday Stitch School Lessons 90, 91

I forgot to post my 90th lesson which was Methodist Knot Stitch.  It was a small and quick an example.   It had been a busy week- I put it down and forgot to take a photo.

I will add it with stitch 91, Double Fly stitch

No 90. Methodist Knot stitch on the top
and No 91. Double Fly stitch on the bottom.  Perle thread used for both.

Further examples on a CQ block
No. 91 Double Fly stitch on the left in tan Edmar ‘Frost’ thread.
No. 90 Methodist Knot stitch bordering the heart.  I used a fine tatting thread for this.


and on a doodle cloth I added these stitches.  Methodist Knot – perle and DMC  also DMC for the Double Fly.   I see the Double Fly will have lots of usage.




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Stitching with Chains

I decided to stitch variations of Chain Stitch and try to turn the results into a fabric book for reference.
I’m using calico for the background.
The stitches for my work are found in the here
if not, I will add the appropriate link beside the name

From top left,

1. I Buttonholed 5 Chain stitches and infilled with Bullions and a silk French Knot.
2. The mauve flower has 3 Chains for each petal and bead centre.
3. Detached bead Chains for the 3rd flower.
4. Turkman stitch is yellow
5. Chain stitch is brown
6. Spiked Knotted Chain is variegated blue/green DMC
7. The white is Parma- in a crochet thread…how to do this stitch can be found here  scroll down a bit.
8. Cable Chain – I used DMC in 2 shades of blue
9. Detached Chains=2 Edmar threads in the first,
1 Edmar thread with Silk  Detached Chain
1 Edmar Boucle with a silk Detached chain in the third
and 2 Edmar Boucle threads in the last.
10. Zig-Zag Chained Bar- wool and perle threads
11. Butterfly Chain- perle threads
12. Zig-Zag Woven Chains on ribbon
13.Crossed Chains- close and apart
14. Singalese in the corner  this stitch can be found here
15. 3 wheels…Long Tail Chain with Chain surround and Detached Chains on   braid.
16. Open chain, Whipped and a centre bead
17. Magic Chain with Detached Chains in silk ribbon and DMC thread.

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