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A month of Sunday’s, plus one

With several Christmas gifts to complete and the necessity to clean the craft room first, I lagged behind with stitching Queenie’s weekly lessons.

Week 1. 1st row,  shows 2 variations of Anundsjö stitch 

5 examples of Danish stitches

5 examples of Danish stitches

Week 2, 2nd row, Back Stitches.  I happened to find a magazine with the pattern while clearing the craftroom.

Week 3, 3rd row, Cross stitch..

Week 4, 4th row, Danish Knot    In checking Queenie’s method I see mine is not quite the same .  I used a book by Mildred Graves Ryan and the entry and exit points are on different levels.

Week 5, last row, Ermine stitch

Worked on 14ct Aida the stitching was easy.  I used a small hoop for the Backstitching  but otherwise held firmly in my hand.  I used cotton threads – perle 8(pinks) finer yellow, the white was crochet thread and the green, a cotton with a tighter twist.


OH, the first few Back-stitches are too long on the arrowhead bit.  I removed them twice and the third time left them as a reminder Not to do that again.  Were it anything but a sampler just for me, I would have corrected it.   The last section is correct.

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Queenie’s Sunday Stitch School



Queenie has begun her personal ‘Sunday Stitch School’   more about this here


The first is Stitch 1. Anundsjö   found here

I tried this on a cornflower which I traced.   My stitches were closer together than Queenie recommended but for a first try I’m happy with the result.

Anundsjö Stitch As Stitch 2 is Backstitch, I decided to use it for the flower stem. One of Queenie’s inspirations was to use a sewing machine without thread to mark a length for the stitches.  I found the machine foot pressed out most of the holes, so I repeated them and used a very fine marker on each hole.  Worked really well.  I also used Backstitch for the green leaves – freehand not traced.  By the time I reached the left set of leaves I felt I was getting neater.

Thanks for the lessons ,Queenie.


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Sudden shower

Here is a link of our family work for the Johnston Collection.  It is still on display until Saturday in Melbourne.   The Kimono House owner has displayed  the items so attractively I think that it is worth posting here.  The pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.  They look good against the white background.

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More JC photos

a few more photos from the Johnston Collection work we did.

toteUnfinished embroideries – each of these needed ‘rain’ added to them to be part of the ‘Sudden shower over Shin-Ohashi’  A daughter made them into cushions or tote bags.


Embroideries for cushions or totes

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single strand Rajmahal threads with Long and short stitch also Kiko’s stitch on temari.

Unfinished flower – one of 19 for Kimono buttons on sleeves and collar.

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more fish



more fish

FishAlas and alack!  There will be no more stumpwork for a while as my eyes need a rest.  I’m finding it frustrating to keep the work neat and repeated ‘frogging’ doesn’t appeal.  I’m sorry to disappoint those who have been so kind in following – It’s still my aim to complete the work.

In the meantime I’d like to share a different sort of embroidery with you.

Last year 3 of my DDs and self were invited ( along with many other groups) to create items for the Johnston Collection.

The work must relate to something in the collection and  last year our theme was based on a woodblock by Utagawa Hiroshigi .     ‘Sudden shower over Shin Ohashi’.           After the 4 month exhibition was over we were invited to show our work at Kimono House,  in Melbourne, Australia,  between 17th September and 15th October 2016.  details in the link.

We had fun making our own Sashiko  fabric for a Kimono and fish.  One day was spent wrapping the cloth and the next unwrapping, being surprised at the great patterns and rinsing out the excess dye.

We also made temari balls,  vellum lanterns and other items that decorated a room within the Johnston home.

The Kimono was the main work and it had a purpose-made macrame net joined to the hem and many fish were ‘netted’ there.

As the Johnston exhibition included something for Christmas, we made a tree of temari. There were almost 200 made and we were all happy to see the last of them.  Various thicknesses of strands were wound over polystyrene shapes but at least as many temari were wound from scratch.

I’ll gather more photos to post.



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WIP – Chives

ChivesNumber 10 – Chives from the book by Sachiko Morimoto.

The heads of the chives are made with Detached Chain and straight stitch.  The stems are all Stem stitch in several green shades.

An easy one today…the day has become dull so I’ll take up the needle and thread tomorrow.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 25, 2016

WIP- Lavender

I removed the head of the lavender shown in the previous post and used felt to pad the new heads.  I used less thread and made less French Knots but I’m still not pleased with the result.

Also I haven’t done the top petals the way they were meant to be.

I personally find if I’m not happy with my work, it’s best to give it a rest as it won’t improve, so…..

this is done for now but when I complete all flowers/herbs in the book, I will begin again with this particular flower. There is an easier and more common lavender to yet make.

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WIP – Lavender

Another warts and all day and previous night.  This is just to show I Have been working between visitors etc.,   So far the flowers I’ve done may have looked hard to do but were not- the Lavender looked easy and is NOT.  I have to re-do the head as it’s too small to fit the oval that was drawn to scale.    You probably can’t see the gap at the flower top but it is there.

The base, on spare cloth, had rows of Wheatear, then different colour straight stitches over the upper part of wheatear, Then 6 strands of DMC, 2 wrap French Knots in 2 diagonal lines. and a 2 strand, 1 wrap on both sides.  Tomorrow I begin again.  I still have a wired leaf and small leaves to complete this.


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WIP – Viola finished

ViolaThere have been lots of interruptions while working this flower but I finally finished the Viola.

Top petals,  Split stitch edging.  Petal filling, Long and short and Straight stitches with single DMC threads.

The three wired petals were worked the same way with single threads, then edges were buttonholed.

The wired and padded leaves at the base were stitched with Satin, Stem and Straight stitches using 2 strands of DMC.      The central French knot was done with 4 strands of thread.

The bud method and stems were blogged in an earlier post.

This is the 10th flower so far from Sachiko Morimoto’s Stumpwork book.  I’m still enjoying the embroideries.  Nine to go.

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