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Fibre Fever group- A swap and a gift.

Miriam and I swapped postcards with a Hippie Theme.  The gorgeous bus was created by Miriam and my flowers had a life of their own and took over the postcard.  This was a fun swap.

Hippie Swap

Hippie Swap


Mystery swap by me

Mystery swap by me

Mystery swap from me

Mystery swap from me

Helina's Mystery postcard

Helina’s Mystery postcard

Mystery Swap

Our challenge for this was to choose 5 numbers between 1 -50.  Mine turned out to mean I added a piece of green fabric,

a Question Mark, A crochet piece, A Square and French Knots.

I attached a black square that hid green leaves beneath.

Helina’s choices were to add Yarn, Lilac fabric, Hand embroidery, Lips and the Letter ‘H’

More fun involved here making postcards.

Along with Helina’s card, she sent for me and my DH what you see in the next photos.  How fortunate could we be?    They fit like they were measured for us and are soooo comfortable and warming.  Helinä tytär ,thank you so much .


socks made by Helina

socks made by Helina

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Southern Cross Crazies – round robin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFive of us are working on 12″ blocks.  This is my work on Jean’s block

A hand dyed butterfly motif with beads.   Green braid and tiny flower buttons.  Below this I added a spider and web.  The seam was made with Fly stitch and Detached chain leaves.

I made Blackberries of French Knots and a few Mill Hill Delica beads to highlight them and the flowers were Long and Short stitched. with one plain pink DMC and one variegated CGT

I stitched the flowers on a felt shape by Buttonholing the edge then working the L/S stitches back into this- leaving a thicker edging.  Stems of Rope stitch

I used Cottage Garden Threads for all the variegated embroideries.   and lastly Chain stitched seam,  Straight and Fly stitches with sequins and yellow beads completed the work.


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CQJP Calendar- March 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy page for March, created during the CQJP 2014.

Kathy Shaw is currently running an Intermediate course.       March 1st is the cut off day for registering.

Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course (ICQC)101-Piecing Crazy Quilt Blocks

More information here

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SCC – Round Robin

One project that begins next week is a Round Robin in the Australian group, Southern Cross Crazies. There are to be 5 ladies working on the 12″ block.  We have one month to work on a block portion before passing it on.

Some years ago I made a similar block in a RR there, and within a half hour of receiving the finished block I had made it into a tote bag, which was much admired for the embroidery on it – none by me.

Over time of heavy use some of the threads broke and the central button and some charms were lost, so I decided it is time for a new tote bag. Top photo obviously.

An old SCC round robin - tote bag

An old SCC round robin – tote bag

Southern Cross Crazies- Round Robin block

Southern Cross Crazies- Round Robin block

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February CQJP calendar

Already one month of 2015 has passed and I’ve not done very much stitching for my blog.  My DDs have again talked me into joining them for another William Johnston Christmas (2015) challenge, which can’t be blogged until the exhibition is over – in 13 months time.

I have checked out lots of lovely and interesting work on blogs though.

This is my calendar made with a block from the Crazy Quilt Journal Project last year.  It is likely at the end of the year I will convert the calendars into a fabric book but am enjoying using the single samples, in a practical way, on our wall.

I hope everyone had a good break over the festive season and have a great year ahead for all manner of creative things.

CQJP February block

CQJP February block

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 1, 2015

2015 -January Calendar

January 2015

Wishing Everyone a very Happy New Year with Good Health, happiness, friendships and much creativity.

I appreciate the comments, tips and visits I get here, as they help me strive harder to improve my work.  I love to visit those who leave a link to their blog/site and enjoy their work too.

The 12 blocks I made into a calendar follow this post.

It was fun to work on these blocks and being able to see what others in the group were doing.  Thanks again for calling by.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | January 1, 2015

2015 Calendar blocks

January to June Calendar blocks I finished my Crazy Quilting Journal Project in December and posted it to the CQJP site.

I had not given thought to what I would do with the blocks.  If I decided on a small quilt I knew it would become another UFO.

I finally decided to make a calendar.  I chose 3 coloured fabrics for the blocks but only when completed did I see that together they did not balance.  Just as well they will hang one per month in sequence.

I hope next time I do something I will have a proper plan in mind.



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WIPW- Hussif completed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s a miracle for sure that I finished the Hussif, and, in the same year I began it.

I was enticed by Sharon’s suggestion that people join in a Work In Progress Wednesday mini challenge.

It didn’t have to be a current or new project but one where you might pull out UFOs from where-ever you put them out of sight.

I always wanted to make a hussif but I know it would have been on a wish list and most likely never even started.        I can only say again –      Thank you Sharon.

WIPW began mid April 2014 and here is my first photo and here is the last full front view.  I was going to add links back to the others but there are too many.  If you wish to see the full inside it is in my  Flickr photos           I appreciate having visitors and comments and I don’t want to drive you crazy with links.

I had not given a lot of thought to the closure -(well I hadn’t given much thought to any of the hussif- it just developed by itself)

If I rolled the hussif, I thought two, satin covered, elasticized bands would work but found with all the bits and pieces that would look awful.

So I ended making it a three-fold and slipping 2 flat bands -left over from the reversed satin I used  to bind the edge.  The front has the cameo and the decorated bands can be placed on this side or what is the middle section.

I am really happy that although the goodies inside make the hussif lumpy, the edges are straight all around.

May never happen again in my lifetime.

So!  Next year WIPW will keep running and the mini challenge is still open to those who wish to lighten their UFO bucket.  It is free, No stress, No stitch police, just your own pleasure of finishing something begun.

Thanks for following :-)

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CQJP – December block

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is my last block for the year in Crazy Quilt Journal Project. I used Sharon’s block No. 29 .

I’ve yet to make up my mind what will be done with the 12 blocks.  My original thought was to bind each block and use one per month as a calendar.

I don’t have enough wall space to hang too many CQ works.  One at a time would work.

It has been enjoyable  again, not just to make mine but to also follow other participants.

CQJP will run again next year, so if you are interested in joining, please visit  for registration details.  Registering has begun and is open until the 20th December 2014


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WIPW- Hussif

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI completed the cover of my hussif-  filling in here and there.

On the right hand end I couched a fancy thread with Buttonhole stitches and was surprised how it improved the appearance.  I have forgotten the name of the stitch I used between the couching.  It is crossed and woven…below.

Since posting this, I read on Queenie’s blog, that the stitch is called..what else but ‘Woven Cross’.  I had first made this in Sharon’s stitch modules.








Then I settled down to completing the working part of the hussif

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASorry for the lack of quality in the photos.

On the right end there is a pocket for Sharon’s templates and/or written notes. This fabric was part of a blouse front – I left the buttons attached and embroidered around them.

There was a fold which I stitched down, for half the length with Cable Chain, creating a narrow pocket in which I could slip a short ruler .

I’ve included a pencil, tape measure, container for beads, threads and ribbons.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I added lace and embroidered  Bullion and French knotsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA on all additions.

The thread is CottageGarden/hellebore

Annet’s lovely gift biscornu will grace small scissors soon.

The black piece is a magnetic strip for needles in use.

If I have the hussif completed by next Wednesday it will be the second fastest project I have ever done.



The year is quickly ending but Work In Progress Wednesdays will keep running in 2015.

A good time during holidays, to find your UFO’s and join in next year.  Here’s the link to go to.







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