Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 16, 2012

TAST3, week 46- Magic Chain

For the rose I used one strand of Edmar variegated boucle and a pink perle 12.  The stem is not Magic chained.

2 DMC strands in 2 greens and burgundy fine wool for the Pistil stitches.  This would be good for a seam. This is from an old freebie pattern and I’ve lost the donor’s name.  If I have it recorded I will edit the blog later.

This flower and vine was inspired by Sharon’s Goethe house pattern .  thinking how rose-like the decreasing circles were in this flower, I made the rose to the left but that wasn’t as nice when finished.

I also wanted to see if last week’s Friday Freebie of Blackwork from the free E-book by Kim Brody Salazar would work with Magic chain. I wouldn’t take it up as full time work with the Magic chain but I surprised myself by keeping my cool and  enjoying getting it right.

I began with the purple green and  I admit those 5 bottom arcs took over an hour to get right. I used 2 strands of DMC which kept  splitting wrongly or I got the colours in the wrong order.  I was determined to do it.

Then I found my eyes saw the pattern but my fingers decided the direction was to be mirror imaged. I’ve often said my fingers do the stitching not my head but yesterday’s effort was ridiculous.

Once the second row was set I zoomed along the 3 row.  I like this one  It came from Plate 17, No. 98

The cross was stitched with a single DMC thread in light and dark greens and was the centre section  from Plate 30 No. 180. I did stitch the flower but the blues used, confused the appearance and is not worth posting.

The DMC 2 strands of yellow and green pattern was from the Plate 8 No.47.  I tried twice and found it won’t work with Magic chain.  The original has One central (yellow) stitch and the pattern runs vertically and horizontally crossing at this point.  On the bottom left one you can see how my fingers mirror imaged the green stitches.Though my patience was still intact, I wasn’t going back to correct them so for the week. they are just an exercise

I found my old example of the stitch, done with rayon threads.

Sharon will be running TAST again next year, beginning in January and for full information of the changes, please visit here

For all information on what has already been done in TAST please visit

I hope there are many new stitchers join in the fun of learning and exploring what to do with the lessons Sharon shares.


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  1. Your rose is gorgeous Maureen and I love the crowns :)

    • Thank you :-) Barbara

  2. All nicely done and lots of variety.

    • Thank you Connie.

  3. You have so many examples to show. The Magic Chain stitch is fun but if the lines are complicated I am sure it is easy to get lost, even if it IS the fingers that do the stitching!
    I was mighty impressed by the rose. What a wonderful idea. There is always so much to learn from your blog. THANK YOU, Maureen.

    • You are most kind Queenie. I am always inspired by visiting your won blog and work. This week is NO exception.

  4. The flowers are very pretty.

    • Thank you Linda

  5. the different uses of this stitch you proposed are very interesting. I especially like the rose and the blue/purple flower

    • Thank you Isabelle.

  6. Dear Maureen

    I like all you do!!
    Hugs :)

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