Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 8, 2012

TAST 3, Open base Woven Picot

I liked last weeks Closed base Woven Picot but prefer the open base for ease of weaving.

This sample began as a thought for a flower fairy but she decided that was not her career preference…and so she is on trial to become

a member of the Australian Ballet.  I do not like her chances.

The flower and skirt were made with DMC perle 5 and the arms/legs have chenille threaded through knitted rayon floss.

The ballet slippers are made with 3 DMC strands.

I would like to be corrected please as I confuse the thickness of the perle thread.  I think 8 is the finer than 5.  Yes/No?


For full details of Sharon’s 2013 TAST please visit

Sharon will change the way it is now to an easier method.  This is designed for new needleworkers and those more experienced.

A great way to learn.

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  1. love your flower fairy, I am a new follower think I am goig to enjoy your blog

  2. Your flower fairy looks awesome.

  3. If she fails the trial for the Australian Ballet she can get a job at the Weather Station, dancing in front of the camera to bring on the sunshine for the next day! You’ve made a wonderful piece, Maureen.
    I, too, prefer the Open version of this stitch. Isn’t it flexible? ANYTHING can be illustrated with these picots!!!
    The lower the number, the thicker the thread, so yes, #8 is finer than #5.

    • Thanks for sorting me out with the perle thread Queenie. I agree the Open version of the woven picot is great. What you achieved with your dress is fabulous.

  4. Such classic form – she is a natural star for this song about Kansas:
    “There’s a true blue gal who promised she would wait,
    she’s a sunflower from the sunflower state.”

    Queeniepatch is right about the size and up earlier than I am!


    • I’ve recognize that song Diane, sang it many years ago. It’s good to know I can get answers to questions here for my threads etc.,

  5. What fun your fairy is!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Maureen – love her she made me smile :)

  7. Your sunny ballerina is so very very pretty!!!
    Btw #8 is finer than # 5

  8. Many thanks to all for your nice comments

  9. Your dancing girl is so cute! Such a creative use of this stitch. Looks like you had fun.

  10. Your flower fairy is really wonderful

  11. Thank you Debbie. It sure was fun working with this stitch.
    Thank you Severine for the compliment

  12. Gorgeous.

  13. So cuuute !!

  14. What a cute ballerina. The stitch works well for this type of work.

  15. Wow, your ballerina looks wonderful! Great work1

  16. very cute use of this stitch~!
    congrats on being one of the featured stitches this week on pintangle.

  17. Oh, she is delightful! Ballet? No, but Merenue? Yes!

  18. She ‘s so pretty! I kinda like her cute expression.A great way to showcase this stitch,well done Maureen!

  19. Thank you Raphaela, Isabelle, Lyndsey, Claudia, libbyQ, Beth and Anita.
    I have seen some lovely examples this week on other sites.

  20. Cute!

    • Thank you Iris

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