Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | November 3, 2012

TAST 3, Week 44- Woven Picot

I found I was much neater this time around but still feel I could improve.

So I played about and made 3 beetles.

If only I could take clearer photos.  They look fine while editing but are fuzzy when posted.  Maybe they will be better when enlarged.

I used 6 black DMC strands for the large beetle and made straight stitches across and for the thorax with metallic woven thread and tan silk/rayon hand dyed thread for legs and head.

The bodies for both lower beetles is fawn DMC, again with 6 threads.  The centre beetle wings were made with 3 strands of DMC variegated metallic.

It was fun to make these.  I intended making a dragonfly but we have visitors for the long weekend and needles and threads are packed away.

Perhaps someone else will try the dragonfly.

For full details of Sharon’s 2013 TAST please visit Pintangle

There will be more time to work stitches rather than weekly.

Oops, I forgot the legs on the centre beetle. No wonder it looked funny.

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  1. Don’t worry, the photos don’t look too bad.=) I usually shrink mine somewhat before posting them. I have my camera set at 3 mega-pixels (about A4 size), but almost always shrink to 40% before saving ready for blog upload. It might help.=)

    • Thank you Elizabeth for the camera tip. I am not clued up with cameras so will ask the family to assist.
      Thank you for the visit.

  2. Love the bugs – now I wouldn’t say that if they were crawling towards me.

  3. Perfect stitch for little insects! I never would have thought of this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The insects are such a great use for this stitch… I’m not crazy about it for leaves when I tried, but it does make great petals for small daffodils.

  5. Maureen, the way you have interpreted this stitch is wonderful and it lends itself to the little insects so beautifully…love them all :)

  6. Your beetles look OK, especially the last one. The legs are perfect.

  7. Of all the TAST stitches we have learned so far I think this Picot has stimulated our creativity the most. SO many different things have been depicted.
    I was therefore not at all surprised to see your work, Maureen. You are always good at thinking up fantastic things and here are these wonderful insects. A dragonfly would be great, too.
    I also love the first three Picots with sequins and beads. Surely they are glistening bugs, too.

  8. These beetles are adorable. Isnt it amazing that there are so many ways to use these stitches. Your work is very inspiring.

  9. The idea you put for this stitch is great!!!! love the bugs!!! perfect stitching!!!!

  10. your insects are wonderful, what a good idea!

  11. Great idea of using the stitch for bugs..perfectly the last bug very much..

  12. I love seeing the different ways that everyone uses the stitch and the beetles are a great idea. They look really good.

  13. What a great stitch to use for stitching beetles! They turned out great!

  14. great work. they are needle woven picot bugs and not leaves. lovely!
    thanks for your comments on my post.

  15. Great stitch for the wings! I wouldn’t have thought of it. Leaves come to mind so easily.

  16. fabulous flying insects!

  17. Love those beetles!

  18. Thank you Everyone for your very kind comments. It is so encouraging

  19. your beetles are so cute !

    • Thank you Isabelle

  20. tes insectes sont de véritables oeuvre d’art

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