Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | July 22, 2012

The Stitch Files – module 7

I have been working on several of the stitches from this module.

Barred Herringbone.  When I saw the picture of Barred Herringbone I was not impressed but, after all, I am meant to try these so I read the instructions.

The contrast was for viewing the movement only.  :-)  In one colour it is a lovely stitch that I intend using often.  So easy to do.

The 2 rows of pink use 3 strands of DMC thread

The staggered lilac row is over-stitched with Detached Chain, extending a little tail. I used a thread similar to perle 12

The burgundy one, 2 strands DMC, is made the same way but with longer tails.  The over stitch was done with 1 DMC strand.

The circle was hard to Herringbone neatly while trying to keep the width of each regular.

Using gold thread I did Detached chains the most have bullion tails – not that they can be seen.

The other side has alternating Det. chains and straight tails.
Beaded Chevron 1

Though I used a Tapestry 26 needle I couldn’t get my seed beads to reach the eye part, so I used larger eye beads for

the pink rows.

Then I switched to a Sharp 12 needle and finer thread for the green seed beads.

I think they are size 11 beads but as that is not nominated on the packet and only cheap ones, may not be.

I like the back to back version.

Making a frame was easy using bugle beads.

Beaded Chevron 2




Beaded Double Chevron





 The green rows are back-to-back,  stitching under and over the diagonal threads.

First row at the right hand half I used all seed beads.  Viewing this in my hand the seed beads seem to appear on top of the diagonal thread

so I used bugle beads in their place for the 2nd back-to-back rows.

I used larger beads on the 2nd back-to-back line and liked the square of beads there.

Chained Cretan Triangle

Now this lovely stitch caught my eye from the beginning and was the first in the module to work on.

The single row, in a’broder cotton looks like lace edging

back to back  is next;  then off-set in purple

The square/diamond was a breeze to do, as was the last square.

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  1. You sure have been busy! It is easy to see how much you enjoy trying out new stitches and playing with the ones you already know. The barred herringbone is a totally new stitch to me, it really looks quite sharp and spiky.
    My favourite must be the beaded double chevron. Wonderful. You are so talented, Maureen!

    • Thanks so much Queenie. The Barred H’bone is also new to me.

  2. You are inspiring me to print out the module and get busy! Thank you…

    • I hope you have already printed out the module Diane, so I can see what you come up with. Something Always interesting, I know.

  3. Beautiful work! I especially like your beading.

    • Thank you very much, eclecticlamb

  4. Lovely work Maureen and beautiful stitching, I love the beaded chevron :)

    • Thank you Barbara.

  5. Lovely sampler Maureen! love all you beaded chevron especially the green one.

    • Thank you Anita :-)

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