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TAST 2014 stitches by number Rice and Boss stitch


2mm silk ribbon with bugle beads for the Rice stitches.

Blue perle 5  below.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASorry, though I took lots of photos none are good.  I claim poor light or the metallics, as the photo above was taken at the same time.

I used various thicknesses of DMC perle threads with metallic, silk;


knitted bronze metallic and hand dyed cotton

Last row -No. 109. Boss stitch,  in Edmar thread with glitzy metallic.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA No. 108 rice stitch   This photo is from 2007 and my first Tast adventure.

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Kantha SaL

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am still working both my hand traced Kantha pattern and the one I printed.  It is all good practise.                The top photo is the traced one.  The lower is printed in each photo.

I filled the two top dots (showing on the right side) with Kantha filling stitch, using 2 strands of DMC black thread.

The 3 flowers used the tara booti stitch with 2 strands DMC purple.

The crown flower had Kantha filling stitch petals and this time I used 2 strands of Cottage Garden variegated thread.  I wasn’t sure that repeating the outer pink of the lower flower was right.. I thought it might be too heavy.


The green calyx has been done with Weaving or Stacked Kantha filling.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA close up of the Crown and tara bootie flowers




and the lower black curlicues and green stem.  A very visible difference between the hand traced and printed silk fabric.







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Kantha SaL

I was fortunate to join Anita at Artistic Fingers after the Stitch-a-Long was running for some weeks.

Before beginning this week’s lesson I will post photos of what I have done so far.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The work so far is stitched with DMC threads and 2 strands.

We were to trace from a pattern but though I taped the silk fabric down, I must have moved it and I found when working the Kantha flower, the petals were not as they should have been.. also my stitching was poor.  I was not happy.     The photos will have to be clicked to enlarge and see the hand traced lines.

So I experimented by ironing a fusible webbing between the silk and a sheet of A4 paper and running this through the printer.  Well it looked fine but then I found I had more solid lines rather than broken ones and this shows a shadow when stitched.   I had no bother removing the paper and most of the fusible webbing rubbed off the silk back as I worked.  I have shown both the hand traced picture on top and the printed version on the bottom.  You will note the dark ring on the bottom right photo, which is only a circular line on the top one.

This may not be acceptable by the end of the SaL but it is worth the experimenting.  I have to say my eyes appreciate the deeper lines.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week we added DMC green in regular Kantha and DMC red in Irregular Kantha.  The difference between these two types is the length of, and space between the Kantha stitch.




I seem to keep a nicer line with the printed pattern – BUT will it look as good if those shadows show through.



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CQJP- April

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe block is No.67 from Sharon’s  ‘I dropped the button box’ CQ details series.

My version of a Yellow-throated Vireo.

I’m finding that having a block diagram ready to use is great. It removes the fiddling about and I can begin stitching earlier than usual.

Stitches used are Pistil, Detached chain, Half Cretan-Herringbone, Fly and a few others on too small an area to mention.




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Stitches by number – Nos. 106 and 107.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  On the far left is No .106- Cretan Looped stitch – 2 DMC blue strands on a future CQJP block.  I curved the line a bit, which will be more noticable when it’s turned as it is meant to be.

On the right, the red line is No 106.  I used perle 8 for these 3 samples.


No. 107 – is the yellow line with one bead as shown in Sharon’s example and the pink has 3 beads on the outer side of the triangle.

I found it easier to stitch  on cloth, without having to count the holes in the Aida cloth.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Is it still Beaded Cretan Looped when I change the angle and stretch the length?  Same movements.  I wanted to show more of the ‘leaf’ side.


Don’t forget to visit Sharon’s TAST Faqs for more information on learning stitches.  Step by step pictures and directions makes learning so easy.

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TAST Nos. 104 + 105

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo 104.  Buttonholed Cable Chain

No 105. Alternating Buttonholed Cable Chain.

So easy.  I hope to use this one a lot.

Why not check out Sharon’s many stitches here  It is free for everyone to join in, novice or expert alike. There is no pressure involved, just do what you can, when you can.

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Sharon’s stitches by number, 91-94

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo 91. Straight Sided Feather

No 92. Crossed Feather

No 93. Plaited Feather

No 94. Reversed Buttonhole Bar

I kept the same colour perle 8 for the base Feather stitches and added contrasts, to more easily show the different additions.

I wanted to see the difference between the same colour thread and a contrast for the Reversed Buttonhole Bar.  I like both which would have their uses in embroidery.

Thus ends my catch-up of the TAST stitches.  Stitches 95-103 have been posted earlier under TAST 2014.

My next project will be to catch up doing the Module 7, I bought in 2012 and had no chance to do.  I’ll be experimenting with stitches then.

Thanks Sharon for the time-taking work of setting up the stitches for everyone to learn and enjoy.  I hope more people visit your TAST stitches here  You have made it so easy.

If anyone wonders what the Module 7 is that I mentioned above, information about that and earlier modules can be found here

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Sharon’s stitches by number 87-90

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo 87. Buttonhole Picot- version 1.  The colour did not photograph well.

No 88. Buttonhole Picot – version 2.  Both versions easy – I like the larger picot in No.88

No 89. Twisted Satin.  You will see the 2 ‘flowers’ on the left are not even at the base as I made the stitch as described, so (on the first stitch only) instead of weaving under the first bar, I went over/under and up to the top, which kept it in line with the last stitch in the group.

No 90. Twisted Satin stitch with a bead.

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more of Sharon’s stitches by number 84,85,86

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo 84.Spiked Knotted Cable Chain…a mouthful to say but easy to do and lovely to see.

No 85. Raised Cup

No 86. Turkman

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Sharon’s stitches by number 80-83

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo 80 . Raised Chain version 1

No 81. Raised Chain version 2

No 82. Spanish Feather

No 83. Siennese

Threads used are DMC perle 8 and the purple is a metallic /thread combination.

Many more of Sharon’s examples can be found here

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