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CQJP 2014

My wintery block for October.  My missing TAST stitch is No 133 or Triple Chain and is the centre seam of this block in white perle.  The tree branch consists of random length Chain and Fly stitches using a hand dyed thread.   The seam beside the branch is Closed Buttonhole with Chain stitches  and beads added.

Detached Buttonhole, also in white perle.

Funny rayon snowflakes and Fly stitches, Fargo roses.

The bird was stitched with DMC threads

October block

October block

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | October 21, 2014

TAST Stitches Nos. 131 -135

Wow! today I am ahead with my stitches…that is after several weeks of being behind.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATop row No 131. Beaded Lock Stitch.  On the left I made the stitch length a bit long so did 3 rows, turning the fabric at each end.   On the right side just the 2 rows.

No. 132 Kiko’s Flower.  This is a great stitch.  Not my best effort by far:-(    but I was hooked when I first tried this stitch and a freebie Herrshner pattern from Sharon who rescued it from the Antique Library

here , here

and here

I forgot to do No 133 – Triple Chain on my sampler but added it to my CQJP block which will be posted shortly :-((

No 134 Fern Stitch  Such an easy stitch for straight or bent lines.

No 135 Beaded Fern    A flower, half a wreath and a zany willow tree in the making.  I’ll have fun with this one.

Over at Pintangle you can find information on previous stitches and how to join this great, free, tutorial.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 17, 2014

TAST No.130 Lock stitch

Today I visited fatquarter’s Flickr and found Annet has added a short video of her variation on Lock stitch.  It is a good video and lovely stitch. Check it out.     I was so inspired I tried it and another version.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Annet added beads to the bottom of her sample, I added beads after, to the ones on the right side of mine.

Then I tried to alternate the stitch.  It isn’t too bad but in future I would either have a more gentle curve or keep the stitches closer.  Each set is about 3/16inch apart here.

Making a wreath with Lock stitchand lastly I decided to try for a Christmas wreath.  Easy!  I used 2 DMC strands  ( I should have checked to make sure the spaces were even between).  I changed threads for the 2nd round = 2 DMC rayon threads and made the stitches lower and higher than the first lot.

The 3rd photo shows the whipping of the 2nd round.

The last photo shows beads added later.
The pretty circle has me thinking of surrounding a shisha.


Don’t forget to check out Take A Stitch Tuesday if you are interested in learning how to make lots of stitches.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 17, 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday – hussif

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I nearly forgot today is Wednesday.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThree more additions to my hussif this week.  For the first seam I used this week’s TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) No. 130-Double Lock stitch and added beads to this.

On the next photo I made a vine and wisteria blooms. I loosely whipped stem stitch for the vine and detached chain leaves and pearl beads.  Also added are gold glass beads above.

The next vine, Detached Cast-ons in knitting cotton were made, with ecru crochet thread for leaves.

I have neglected the inner part of my hussif and hope to get that moving soon.

If it were not for Sharon suggesting people take up a mini challenge hussif or to finish their own projects, I would never have begun making a hussif, let alone getting it made.   If you have work lying idle, why not check out the WIPW and see how easy it is to join in without stress, as the only deadline is your own.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 14, 2014

TAST Nos. 129 + 130 Lock and Double Lock

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I used Aida cloth and perle 8 on all the samples.

No. 129-Loch stitch on the top row.  I spaced the upright stitches 6 rows deep and 3 wide but found the weaving moved and needed to be fiddled with.

The middle row left is Lock again but 5 rows deep and 2 wide – much better for me and I worked the weaving in the centre of the uprights.

On the right side, middle row, I worked No. 130-Double Lock in the centre which left the ends of the uprights showing.

Bottom row left, Double Lock working bottom row from right to left and coming back right to left in the centre.

and on the right side Double Lock on the bottom of the row, turning cloth and repeating on the bottom of the row.

I did Lock Stitch in 2010 and a link to the sample is here

Over on Pintangle, there is information about TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesdays).  Available to anyone interested in learning new stitches in your own time.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 10, 2014

WIP Hussif






Amongst my treasures I found a cameo and beaded it to what will be the front section of the hussif.  I had to get DH to drill Tiny holes in the cabochon and found I couldn’t pass the size 15 beading needle and thread back through the hole as there was no space – so no bead hiding the thread there :-(

I added beads to the centre of lace and Pistil stitches on the sides.

The last seam today is Beaded Hedebo Edge

The hussif is filling up more, which is encouraging me to keep at it.

Over at Pintangle you can find out more about WIPW (Work In Progress Wednesdays).  Also if you check the comments you can find links to see what others are doing on their projects.

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 4, 2014

TAST stitch No.128 re-blogged


After finding I had incorrectly stitched today’s No.128 – Interlaced Up and down buttonhole, I re-did some.

The pink row now has the space between the vertical groupings.  I forgot to leave a horizontal row space  in my earlier version.

I tried a curve and it looks nicer with the spacing in this also.

In the next photo I redid the left side sample with the gap between interlacings.  On the right side I found that I could not get a diamond shape when I made the bars between the original upright bars.  It looks like a mis-shapen triangle now.


I still like my earlier samples that are incorrect so I’m leaving them in that post.

Information on many of Sharon’s many stitches and TAST can be found here

Posted by: Crazyqstitcher | September 4, 2014

Take A Stitch Tuesday No. 128

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis week’s stitch is No. 128 Interlaced Up and down Butttonhole.  We have had several varieties lately for the Up and down buttonhole stitch and this is another winner.  Threads used are DMC perle 5 on Aida cloth.

The first line is the way the stitch was demonstrated.

The left side of the second line I opened the lower bars when interlacing.

The right side is my favourite of all.  I’ve already decided to add it to my hussif.

The left side- 3rd row, has top and bottom bars opened. The right side – I used two colours and played with the interlacing row.  Then I wondered if the dominant green colour would look better on top of the pale one so I reversed the threads on another row below this.  I can’t make up my mind which I prefer.

I also played with a curved line in green.

More information about TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) can be found here.  It is well worth the time to check the site.

I’M SHOUTING…I thought this morning’s work went well but, alas, I should have LOOKED properly at the demonstration printout before working any row at all.  None are correct and This last photo is the Right one.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I will re-do my samples.  :-(((



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Work in Progress Wednesday – Hussif

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have done 2 seams on the hussif today.  The top photo shows a Half Cretan/Herringbone stitch in Edmar Cire;

The Woven Wheels flowers  and Detached Chain leaves are  made with Edmar boucle.  It isn’t pink but cream toned.

The lower photo has Detached Chain flowers using sheer nylon ribbon,  Straight and Cross stitches  on the lace and more of the sheer ribbon with gold beads.


I am following Sharon’s Work in Progress Wednesday, designed to encourage folk to catch up on their unfinished works.  There is no pressure involved and details of how the Wednesday WIP operates is in the above link.


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CQJP September block


My red cardinal called for a winter scene – looks quite cold.

I tried a few different things this time.  First I stamped the trees and then Feather stitched over them.  The Cloud filling looked wrong on the white fabric so I fused chiffon down and re-did the stitching and also fused a chiffon type fabric for the ice pond.  I added Running stitch on the pond patch.

The foreground snow is loose laid scrim.  The photo doesn’t pick up the 3D effect but it looks good in the hand.

The red flower was given to me this week and surprisingly, is made of leather.

The work began looking like a cliff at the scrim edge, and downward to the skater but seems to have altered definition here. Why there would be a letterbox at a cliff edge is not for me to explain.

I’ve seen a small amount of real snow, twice in my life and rely on pictures of winter for inspiration..needless to say this came from my imagination LOL.

The block for this came from Sharon’s CQ templates and is block No. 10      …..and the stitches I did  come from  Take A Stitch Tuesday  where it explained for those who don’t know of this project


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